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Operations Research/Systems Analyst (ORSA) – TS/SCI, Stuttgart, Germany,

Salary: Negotiated based upon current salary/LCAT held

Location: Stuttgart, Germany
PoP: 3 years starting in Sept
Referral Bonus: $250 open referral to anyone who submits a friend or peer who gets hired.
Start Date: Sept-Oct 2019

Job Description:
Client is looking for an Operations Research/Systems Analyst (ORSA) that will apply his/her expertise and knowledge to technical projects, finding innovative, cost-effective means to improve research, techniques, procedures, and/or products and technologies.
The ORSA will provide research engineering, technical, and managerial direction for problem definition, analysis, requirement development and implementation for complex systems in the engineering discipline.


Responsibilities will include:
Develop, conduct, and evaluate new approaches to meet technical requirements faster and more efficiently
Make recommendations and advise on research development, improvements, optimization, or support efforts
Perform risk assessments and innovative use of new research concepts or improved techniques and procedures

Minimum Qualifications:
3+ years of experience in qualitative and quantitative analytical methodologies
Military Special Operations experience

Desired Skills and Experience:
5+ years of experience in qualitative and quantitative analytical methodologies
5+ years of military Special Operations experience
5+ years of relevant specialized experience with InDesign, development, and visualization of mathematical, statistical, econometric, and other scientific methods and techniques

Regional expertise and/or experience in one of the following regions:
– The Balkans
– The Baltic Region
– The Black Sea Region

Education: BA/BS minimum; MA/MS or PhD in related area of study preferred

Clearance: TS/SCI

submit application or resume to Erich at titled: “ORSA”