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PPE Paid Intern (

Covid Taskforce 19 is a sub organization of Beyond SOF established for the purposes of assisting our Nation during the the COVID 19 pandemic (and Beyond)

Quick Overview (5W’s) full write up below this overview..

$0-5K+ per transaction*

Location: Your Living Room

· Preferred:

· Medical Device/Logistics Experience

· Veterans or their Spouses, Under or Unemployed

· Stamina: its 10 maybes, 10 “no’s”, to get 1 “Yes”

· 1-3 hrs of time recommended during normal work hours

Must have a computer, cell phone, internet connection and a good attitude

*average completed transaction is between $500-$2900 payout. Commission only. This role can be extremely frustrating and extremely rewarding. Yes, the person pictured is Jeni Henson, our TF Dep Director (not a paid actor) and she actually earned that on her first deal.

The Full Details:

Prospective COVID-19 (CTF19) Task Force Members

Mission and Background

Beyond SOF is a Special Operations centric staffing/recruiting company based in Arlington, Virginia. In response to the global pandemic we are facing, Beyond SOF developed a Task Force (CTF19) to support America’s fight against COVID-19.

To carry out this mission, we utilized our integrity, collective experience, tenacity; and, leveraged our large, boutique network to create a portal of the most needed personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies necessary for this emergency.

Through a grassroots effort, we made it available to buyers serving communities in need. This process involved a great deal of necessary due-diligence, and vetting of suppliers and manufacturers (CONUS and OCONUS). With metered efficiency, Beyond SOF is connecting serious buyers and trusted sellers, and also coordinating logistics 24/7, by air, ground, and sea.

To date, we have delivered shipments of PPE organizations including: a hospital in Southern California UCSD, Florida (Florida Dept of Health), UBER HQ, State of Oregon and we also have purchase orders pending with the State of Maryland.

We’re also working with:

  • New York State
  • Washington State
  • Amazon
  • Texas Governor’s Office
  • FEMA
  • HCA
  • US Secret Service

Our supply portal, which we have been building on from scratch, is updated daily.

The minimum quantity orders for masks is currently 100,000 but we are hoping to identify vendors who are able to fill smaller orders.

Please review the information below, once reviewed and you are interested in moving forward, please review and sign the 1099 IC Agreement below.

1st Steps:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Beyond SOF Mission
  2. Familiarize yourself with the COVID-19 Task Force (CTF19) website
  3. Make a list of organizations in your network where you have contacts who represent a large constituency (preferably government or medical)
  4. Contact the aforementioned network:
    • Brief them on the Beyond SOF Mission (CTF 19 overview)
    • Share how you connected with us
    • Share the link to the CTF19 website
    • Ask for a list of PPE items need/desired
  5. Generally, supplier MOQs start at 100,000 but can be 1M. Some items or initial orders can start smaller.
    • If your contact requires a quantity under 100,000 units, we would be happy to connect with their supplier or procurement officer on options
  6. Connect your POC to a current member of our TF (our team) providing pertinent information including: contact name, organization, location, requested items and quantities, preferred time frame, and any other requirements
  7. Please connect with our team on Google Hangouts for easy communication and group chat
  8. We require that all team members be available to check email twice a day to monitor traffic with any supplier POCs and our CTF19 team, to ensure we are looped into all communication
    • As a CTF19  team member, you are the lead and manager for your contact
    • Timely correspondence is paramount to providing our solutions for the client, and supporting our mission
  9. Assist the Beyond SOF/CTF19 team, by setting up phone calls with your POC
    • Feel free to listen in on the call
    • Take notes so you see how we are connecting the suppliers with your POC

Other areas of interest to us include:

  1. Investors/Angels
    • We are looking to help set up a line of credit to support government purchases; these are almost always 100% paid on delivery, which many suppliers cannot do because of the risk to the supplier in the event the government is unable to deliver
  2. US suppliers for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
    • Made in the USA
    • Suppliers with a solid reputation (3+ years of business, in good standing, positive reviews, reliable products, professional customer service, competitive pricing)
  3. Additional team members
    • Veterans and others facing difficult times, such as unemployment as a result of this global pandemic, are encouraged to apply
    • Candidates will be vetted for professionalism, understanding of the Beyond SOF Mission, general availability, ability to support the mission, internet/cell accessibility, moral/ethical behavior
    • Candidates with sales or medical background are preferred, to be considered for a team leaders assignment

Apply above or submit your resume to Maria at titled: “PPE Paid Intern”