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KEY QUALIFICATIONS • Special Forces Master Sergeant 18Z/18E/11B • Special Operations Target Interdiction course (SOTIC) Special Forces Sniper • Special Forces Advanced Recon Target Analysis Exploitation Training Course (SFARTAETC) • Special Forces Combat Diver • Special Forces Combat Dive Supervisor  • Special Forces Waterborne Infiltration Course • SERE Level C (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) • Airborne Jumpmaster • Gryphon Group Combat Driving Course • Tier I Tactical Driving Course  • Florida class D, G & MB Security Licenses • Nevada, Montana, and California Armed Security Certifications • TWIC Card, STWC95 Maritime Training Center, Crossfit Level 1

2016 – 2019 Senior Executive Protection Specialist • Armed protection services for high net worth individual, his family, and professional sports team • Provide armed transportation via armored vehicles • Create advance portfolios for local and travel destinations in multiple states • Provide armed security for principal at sporting events, interviews, business meetings, and social events • Create emergency security plans for office buildings and organized after hours training drills • Use various security technology such as team communications hardware and tracking devices

1989 – 2014 Military Career  • Multiple deployments to Central & South America, Europe, and the Middle East including  Iraq & Afghanistan

2013 – 2014 ROTC Instructor CITADEL • Develop Military Science training for Junior class consisting of 300 college students as a senior instructor / writer • Train and supervise 150 future army officers during field training exercises preparing them for LDAC (Leadership Development Assessment Course) • Develop training and mentor students for Ranger Challenge 

2011 – 2013 Special Forces Operations Sergeant (18Z) Combat Diver SFODA • Responsible for the training, development, and management of a12 man Special Forces Operational Detachment A (SFODA)(Special Forces A Team), consisting of 2 officers and 10 NCOs • Plan and devise operations to include operations in Direct Action, Special Reconnaissance, Counterinsurgency, Counter-terrorism, Unconventional Warfare, Counter Narcotics, Hostage Rescue, Counter Proliferation and Foreign Internal Defense • Supervise, instruct and serve as the senior enlisted member for SF operations • Train and maintain proficiency in all major duties associated with Special Forces • Perform administrative, operational, and training duties during task organization of the ODA in mission preparation (isolation) and during operations, and protect top secret information • Perform joint, combined, and coalition planning and supervise operations for higher headquarters, major and joint commands • Perform senior leadership, staff, and training functions within Special Forces.

2008 – 2011 Special Forces Underwater Operations Instructor (SFUWO) Key West, Fl.

2005 – 2008 Special Forces CIF (Commanders In-extremis Force) Company

1999 – 2005 Special Forces Combat Diver SFODA 

1994 – 1999 United States Army National Guard, Active Duty, and Special Forces Training

1989 – 1993 United States Navy
EDUCATION • USAJFKSWCS (United States Army John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School) • B.S. Criminal Justice Homeland Security Concentration – Troy University