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Seeking: Cryptologic Language Instructor – French/Maghreb (Camp Lejeune, NC), ISD experience

Cryptologic Language Instructor- French/Maghreb
Camp Lejeune, NC


  • Develop and teach language courses in accordance with ADET Instruction I-04.
  • Tailor approaches in accordance with student learning styles and strategies.
  • Supplement instruction with contemporary authentic material.
  • Join instructional teams as required.
  • Develop and teach Isolated (ISO)-Immersion, as required.
  • Use classroom technology such as SmartBoard/Symposium, audio/video/DVD components, and computer applications such as Microsoft Office.
  • Use blended learning modes such as platform, online, distance, asynchronous eLearning technology and directed studies.
  • Provide constructive feedback on student progress to the Government. All learning assessments correlate with or directly support unit/topic/course objectives; and computer applications such as Microsoft Office.
  • Deliver Area Studies content in the foreign language and English as required.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Native Speaker with an ILR proficiency level 3 in reading and listening in the standard form of the language to be taught.
  • Native speaker of English with an ILR proficiency level 3 in reading and listening in the standard form of the language to be taught if the requirement is for instruction in grammar and translation.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Five years experience in adult language education and methodology to include:
    • Three years experience developing and teaching using blended learning.
    • Three years experience developing and teaching language courses from basic through advanced level, with a focus on translation, grammar, listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing.
    • Two years experience in identifying and using authentic materials to support objectives.
    • Two years experience in assessing student performance.
  • For English as a Second Language instructors, MA in Teaching English as a Second Language.
  • For foreign Language Instructors, minimum ILR level 2 in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English.
  • Two years experience with ISD.


  • ILR level 3 in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English.
  • SIGINT Experience

One Comment on “Seeking: Cryptologic Language Instructor – French/Maghreb (Camp Lejeune, NC), ISD experience”

  1. Greetings.

    Kindly pulse your customer for these initial details and let me know:

    [1] What type language training is involved:

    A. Basic acquisition language training (BALT) – aka “start from scratch” training to build a person’s basic foundation and communicative ability in the target language?
    B. Refresher / sustainment / maintenance of existing skills in the designated language?
    C. Enhancement / extension / special purpose / topics / applications (including vocabularies)?
    D. Transition from one language to another, or between major dialects within one language?

    Do the training materials exist, or do those need to be defined, developed and produced before the start of training?

    Ref “Maghrebi” stipulation – surmise that reference is to local dialects of Arabic prevalent in North Africa (also to Sub-Saharan Africa?)

    Those local dialects of Arabic categorized under the generic label of “Maghrebi” are actually distinctive by country and also between each country’s coastal populations and those in the interior regions. Major factor of their differences is influence and inclusion of terms of indigenous non-Arabic languages, such as Amazight, Tamasheq, Tamazight, etc.

    Accordingly, does your customer want training for functional skills in the range of Arabic sub-dialects common in Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Chad, Sudan or coastal Egypt? (Several of those sub-dialects overlap across borders, such as eastern Tunisia and western coastal Libya, eastern Libya across western coastal Egypt.)

    Do the employment packages for these instructor / trainer / SME positions include relocation assistance for moving to those areas near MCB Camp Lejeune, NC?

    With that basic information in hand, I can refer you onward – as a professional courtesy to all parties — to some US Citizen-status bilinguals with native fluencies in most of those languages and also French (due to their formal education and professional backgrounds).

    Hope this helps you find and engage the bilingual talent you need for your USMC customer at MCB Camp Lejeune. Today is Friday, 17 October 2014.


    Stephen H. Franke, M.Ed.
    Senior veteran Arabic linguist, dialectologist (Arabian Gulf & Yemen),
    trainer, and advisor / SME / consultant to USG agencies
    Lt Colonel, US Army Retired
    San Pedro, (Los Angeles Waterfront Area), California
    E-mail shfranke [at ] hotmail [dot] com

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