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Seeking: Roleplayers/Advisors (NASA), SECRET, Cape Canaveral, $TBD

Start Date: Approx Aug 2018

Daily Rate: TBD (within $300-600)

PoP: One week intervals

Write up: Client is seeking former SOF (Operators and SOF Support included) personnel for role player and advisory roles in the Titusville/Cape Canaveral, FL area.  Client is mainly interested in former SOF/SOF support that have high altitude training, experience with Hypoxia training: Anaesthetic machines and anti-hypoxia devices; operating at high altitudes (above 6K feet) for extended periods of time (2-3 months), ARSOF with G Force training (G simulator). Advisory roles primarily involve integration fluidity between DoD and NASA as it relates to lexicon, culture and Techniques, Tactics and Procedures.

Min Requirements: 

Active US Secret Clearance

SERE School grad (they are using this as a Psychological Duress baseline for the customer)

Ability to pass CRC or physical fitness equivalent (current recent EKG/EEG)

Min 5-15 years of reserve, NG or active duty in SOF or support of SOF (ARSOF preferred but not mandatory)

Under 6’7 in height

Education requirements: Associates (preferably in science)


Prior training to the items described in the job description

Current US Tourist Passport

Active TS/SCI Clearance

Bachelor’s Degree or above (preferably in Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Engineering, Radio Theory)




Role Player Duties include:

Loading and unloading procedures for multiple air frames/platforms.

Lock out procedures.

Tethering/Un-Untethering in a zero G environments

Basic understanding of platform operations

STOL flight training

Flight simulator

High Alt/Thin Air Medical procedures (CLS plus modified curriculum)

HF/UHF/RT/Multiband/Antenna Theory Baseline training and contingency planning

Gravity Load baselining

Post training Psych Eval (Daily)


Advisory Duties include:

Integration of current DoD standard operating procedures with the liaison committee

Effects and Efficiency based Methodologies and best practices from Lessons Learned

DTS or prior travel payment approval mechanism within JTR over the past 15 years

CAT 3 Languages: Prior experience and TTPs of Interpreter employment, management, integration


If you have Interest in either of the roles above, you maybe as pumped about SpaceForce as we are.  It’s not a real job opening, but if you do have any of the above min or desired requirements, we WILL actually pass your application or resume forward to our NASA/OSD contacts who are leading this and who knows.. maybe you become the first GS or GG in SpaceForce because we took a chance on awesomeness..  _Steve


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