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Sen. Research Integration Mgr., TS/SCI, $150K, DC Metro

Job Description:

  1. To assist and consult on matters requiring interagency coordination of information and responses to malign foreign influence campaigns, including propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation;
  2. To enable and assist in a Research Effort in identifying organizations or networks of individuals affiliated or collaborating with the Foreign Government  or proxies of said Foreign Gov in the United States or European allies and partners;
  3. To enable and facilitate coordination and collaboration with the Research Organization’s designated senior officials to better integrate strategic information studies and cyber-enabled information studies including the elements responsible for countering propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation, military deception, public affairs, electronic warfare, and cyber operations;


  1. Implementation and integration of technology platform to enhance analysis
  2. Evaluation of malign messaging and malign influence campaign strategies
  3. Analysis of propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation capabilities, and effects
  4. Development of counter-narrative requirements 
  5. Development and maintenance of source networks for counter-messaging scenarios
  6. Element coordination and assist in the development of recommendations

Min Requirements for Research Effort

TS/SCI and or above

Masters in a Strategic Plans and Policy or related fields in EW, Cyber, MPA, 

Min of 12 years in the USG to include direct consultation at the SES1 and above levels as it relates to counter intelligence, MISO operations, PSYOPs, 

Min 3 years of cyber integration/implementation of strategic plans and policy for 2 or more Federal Agencies in the USG

Desired Skills

Research Publications on the elements listed

Please submit resume to titled “Sen Research Integrator” addressing all in red and if applicable, in blue.




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