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Senior Operations Manager Africa


Proven Change Agent Dedicated to Maximizing Mission-Building, Strategic Planning & Continuous Improvements


Global Operations Management ?Multi-Program Management ?Change Management ?Best Practices

Start-Up Operations ?Team Building / Training ?Executive Coaching / Mentoring ?Resource Allocation

Strategic Analysis / Planning ?Trends Tracking ?KPIs ?New Business Development ?Process Optimization

Program Readiness / Operations ?Logistics Coordination ?Supply Management ?Risk Assessment / Mitigation

Client / Stakeholder Relations ?Cost-Saving Initiatives ?Policy / Procedure Development ?Regulatory Compliance


Highly Accomplished Executive who excels at analyzing lucrative global operational needs, identifying multibillion-dollar growth opportunities, driving cost-reductions, facilitating integral process engineering and improvements, and attaining leverage in competitive markets. Experienced Senior Advisor in global logistics, aviation, and transportation, and who specializes in Africa- and Europe-based locales to promote transformative corporate change.


Innovative Thought Leader who gains buy-in among domestic and international teams to facilitate unified objectives, enhanced accountability, and incredible goal achievement to align with a company’s mission.Influential Strategist who builds and sustains alliances among decision-makers, multidisciplinary staff, and clients, and who sees the “big picture” at all times to exceed expectations with a willingness to “go the extra mile” to surpass the status quo.


Engaging Communicator who exhibits solutions-centric critical thinking to promote insightful outcomes, and who demonstrates consistent success in market growth and increasing profitability, performance, and value of companies. Out-of-the-Box Thinker who continually thrives within challenging high-risk, high-reward environments to accomplish results. Holds U.S. Government Secret Clearance, as well as previous TS / SCI single-scope investigation.


Professional Synopsis

 Chief Executive Officer ?Lead Consultant ?Senior Operations Manager

Capitalized on the opportunity to lead forward-thinking daily operational initiatives of Africa-specific teams for the delivery of core metrics, including proactively maintaining engagement with key client contacts to exceed expectations.  Delivered client Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets, including daily service levels, customer experience, quality measures, and compliance.  Developed a top-performing talent pool while partnering with internal recruitment teams to attract the best external talent.  Coached and mentored Operations Managers throughout the Africa continent to ensure delivery of targets and plans, along with executing a Communication & Engagement model to ensure all Africa-based teams understood business performance and team-oriented needs. 


§  Successfully provided risk assessment / mitigation for wide-ranging overseas destinations.

§  Developed highly productive client relationships to translate strategy into day-to-day delivery.

§  Consistently demonstrated new business improvements, cost savings, and revenue generation.

§  Continually exceeded targets of required metrics throughout all client-centric operational performance.

§  Led advanced site survey / risk management analysis for austere / international sites with a focus on Africa.


Senior Aviation Advisor

Strategically steered results-focused military support to comprehensively improve the capability of partner governments and respective militaries to protect citizens, assets, and territories through 2 high-level, overlapping, and complementary objectives – to institutionalize procedures and systems to generate and maintain forces, as well as to improve proficiency and readiness to conduct and sustain regional counterterrorism operations.


§  Personally embedded with Ethiopian Air Force operations and maintenance to support core objectives.

§  Improved aviation capabilities and institutions via solid SOW for Kenya- and Ethiopia-specific locations.

§  Rapidly fulfilled requirements for urgent or emergency situations outside of standard or routine operations.

§  Delivered hands-on logistics support, supplies, and services within an evolving security assistance program.


 Various Locations

Field Supervisor ? Site Supervisor (2015 – 2017)

Spearheaded dynamic vision, strategy, and training initiatives for contract field teams in collaboration with business unit and functional leaders.  Delivered quality-centric leadership for enterprise-wide process improvement and delivery of world-class services.  Coached, mentored, and managed continuous improvement and quality resources efforts for the complete tear down and overall of aircraft engines.  Expertly interpreted and adapted guidelines for application to specific situations or to resolve controversial or technical problems. Served within concurrent chief inspector and quality control roles for all production of I&O-level maintenance. Led an Executive Process Improvement Steering Team in ensuring projects aligned with and helped shape efficient strategy.

 Field Supervisor ? Site Supervisor (continued)


§  Saved $40+ million by keeping all maintenance operations “in house.”

§  Improved enterprise-wide “Governance and Execution Policies and Procedures.”

§  Successfully trained 6 lead mechanics and 23 skilled mechanics within only 1.5 years.

§  Reduced “awaiting maintenance times” by 80% to minimize the effects of parts deferment.

§  Decreased build times from 72 days to 21 days and increased FPY engine turnout by 170%.

§  Built contract from a team of 15 members to 23 skilled members and boosted production 140%.

 Site Supervisor (2013 – 2015)

Concurrently led site-based initiatives for both M1 Support Services – NASNI (2013 – 2015) and Strategic Technologies Institute, Inc. (2013 – 2014), including managing a 15-member team in facilitating prompt and responsive maintenance of 3 U.S. Navy C-140As.  Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert alongside Delta maintenance repairs and TCTO mods. Demonstrated expertise in transactional DCMA and contracting determination on contract field teams and contractor maintenance.  Regularly interfaced with multi-level employees; flight crews; quality, engineering, and senior management; suppliers; and customers to meet production requirements and ensure customer acceptance.  Executed departmental plans, policies, and procedures for input on business and / or technical strategies.  Maintained all plant-centric processes, documents, bulletins, directives, and service letters.


§  Led efforts for a launch reliability rate of 99% during a complex contract transitioning period.

§  Built and sustained relationships and partnerships with customers, peers, and direct reports.

§  Trained, mentored, and certified all contractors in key duties, as well as safety and accounting.

(2012 – 2013)


Operations Manager ? Special Projects

Leveraged broad scope of industry knowledge toward directing high-volume operations, including coordinating and managing all logistics involving supply, transportation, contracts, and quality management and control.  Directed all purchasing, storage, issuance, maintenance, and distribution of multi-level supplies used for company start-up.


§  Personally led logistics for organizations that staffed from 35 to 500 personnel.

§  Seamlessly transitioned production facilities from 3,000 square feet to 45,000 square feet.

§  Progressed through diverse leadership roles due to excellence in job performance, including OperationManager, Product Control, Shipping Officer, Maintenance Supervisor, and Support Operations Manager.


United States Air Force, Various Locations

(2006 – 2012)

 Instructor Flight Engineer ?Chief of Current Operations (2009 – 2012)

Applied strong leadership talents toward directing operational planning, scheduling, and management of $1.1 billion in aircraft.  Led targeted training initiatives, including securing opportunities for multiple military users to enable enhanced student instruction for real-world objectives.  Served as a Subject Matter Expert on engine, propeller, hydraulics, and communication / navigation systems with data transfer and secure communications.


§  Delivered weekly updates to senior-level leadership on overall flight and readiness status of personnel.

§  Successfully trained 140 aircrew instructions and 200+ airmen on critical flying standards and operations.


Safety Representative ? Instructor Flight Engineer (2006 – 2009)

Played a vital role in serving as ground / flight safety supervisor tasked with tracking training requirements and equipment necessary for multi-level personnel deployment per AFOSH and OSHA standards.  Seamlessly liaised between operations and maintenance on aircraft-related issues.  Participated in JAGUE-Columbia Hostage Rescue.


§  Completed multiple deployments in support of JSOC missions and OIF and OEF deployments.


Education & Technical Summary


Associate’s Degree – Instructor of Technology                                                                             Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL

Associate’s Degree – Aviation Operations                                                                                      Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL


Adobe Acrobat Suite 2010 / 2013 ?SQL ?HTML Programming

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) ?SharePoint 2010 / 2013

STORM ?GTIMS ?PEX ?JAMIS ?IMDS ?Various Additional USAF, USN & USA Systems


Additional Deployment / Support Details Provided Upon Request

Additional Pre-2006 United States Air Force Experience Provided Upon Request

Additional Extensive Military, Flight Engineering & NCO Training Provided Upon Request