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Senior SOF Advisor/Consultant, 22 Years Experience, Inspector General, Chief of Operations, SOF, TS/SCI, SERE, Joint Planning, CQT, Weapons Sergeant/Instructor, Master\’s in Business Management/HR


February 18, 2012 – INDEF


Russian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Pennsylvania,
Overseas– ,



Over 22 years of seasoned leadership and proven managerial experience while working in dynamic and fluid environments with diverse groups of people worldwide. Excels in leading ethnically and politically diverse groups of people in constantly changing and extremely critical situations while incorporating interdepartmental partnering in order to increase productivity, reduce redundancy, and ensure mission success.  Constantly develops people and teams while enhancing their career progression and family morale in order to ensure organization mission accomplishment and success. Has proven managerial and leadership experience to lead small groups of people or a large population of up to 1200 within Permissive, Semi-Permissive and Hostile environments.



Top Secret – Sensitive Compartmental Information (Special Access Program)

Core competencies include:

Operations Management

Future Operations Planning

Client Relations

Quality Control/Assurance

Decision – Making  Management

Employee and Labor Relations

Safety and Risk Management

Process Improvement

Strategic Sourcing

Personnel Management

Training and  Development

Human Resource Management




Special Operations Advisor and Consultant, Pittsburgh, PA                                               08/2011 – Present

·         Conducts advisement operations, consultation activities, teaching, and training on the broad subjects of Advanced Special Operations Tactics and Techniques, Special Projects, and Advanced Skills to Special Operation Forces across all branches of the United States Department of Defense.

·         Provides mentorship and up to date real world Special Operations experience and Knowledge to the new generation of Special Operation Forces of the United States Military and Other Government Agencies.

USASOC Inspector General, Fort Bragg, NC                                                                     10/2009 – 07/2011

·         Selected above peers and superiors to be the United States Army Special Operations Command Inspector General.

·         Inspected over 1,500 pieces of equipment and various Department of Defense acquisition forms in 163 diversely structured companies leading to the establishment of formal accountability of over $25 million worth of previously undocumented U.S. Government equipment.

·         Led a diverse 9-person inspection team for 28 weeks displaying a unique ability to integrate civilians and Soldiers into one capable, cohesive, and effective team.

·         Taught, mentored, and developed numerous personnel—seniors, peers, and subordinates alike—how to conduct focused and effective inspections that measure compliance against published standards and policies, systematically identify root causes, promote teaching and training, and provide executive officers seamlessly written reports with appropriate and sustainable recommendations.

·         Conducted Executive and Congressional Level Investigations, Inspections, and provided assistance to members of U.S. Army Special Operation Command.

  • Developed and administered programs in problem solving, crisis management, equal opportunity,

   safety and risk mitigation, family care planning, and physical fitness.

  • Lead and investigated Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI) Activities and Special Access Programs at the congressional level. Reported directly to the Lieutenant General (3 Star) Levels of Special Operations Command.


USASFC(A) G-3 CENTCOM Desk, Chief of Operations, Fort Bragg, NC;                                    08/2007 – 09/2009

·         While geographically separated, tasked, trained, supervised, and coordinated all actions for Special Operations personnel within the Middle East and Sub Sahara regions.

·         Ensured that all Operational Plans, Concept Plans, Training Concepts and sensitive operational issues are interdepartmentally resourced and supportable in accordance with the current Special Operations doctrine, organization, and procurable resources. 

·         Coordinated directly with multiple independent commands for planning, development, and execution of operations, exercises, and regional contingency operations world-wide.  

·         Selected early to represent the U.S. Army Special Forces Command at Global Synchronization Conferences to gain alignment and ensure that all plans are properly resourced and executed in accordance with current policies. 

·         Instituted and implemented the Special Operations Lessons Learned Division to aid current and future Special Operations units in the planning and executing of world-wide operations.  

  • Advised the Chief Executive Officer in all personnel and operational matters relating to readiness

and organizational climate that included health, morale, and welfare of service members and their    families.

  • Planned and aided in the development of the Advances Special Operations Management System

    to track and identify Human Intelligence and High Value Targets.


Special Forces Detachment Commander X 2 , Fort Bragg, NC                                  9/2002 – 07/2007

·         Prepared for worldwide deployment in austere environments while providing administrative and logistical support, leadership, and training to 83 people in 31 diverse occupational specialties.

·         Led a Special Forces Operational Detachment while conducting Special Operations and collateral activities for two separate combatant commanders aligned within the Middle East, Sub- Sahara, and European Countries.

·         Conducted all aspects of Advanced Special Operations to include Special Reconnaissance, Direct Action, Unconventional Warfare, Counter Terrorism, Counter Proliferation, Foreign Internal Defense, Counter Insurgence Operations, Source Operations/Collection Management, and Military Operation Other Than War.

·         Provided command and control, operations and training, intelligence, leader development, administrative and logistics, communications, physical fitness, discipline and morale and welfare to 120 subordinates and their families.

·         Organized the standup of a new Special Operations Combat Diver Detachment and provided guidance, training, and equipment procurement to conduct Special Operations in any environment.

·         Implemented short and long- range planning and execution of a mission essential task list based on specific mission profiles in preparation for rapid response in worldwide offensive contingency operations.

·         Stood up and developed the only successful SECDEF Directed, Regional Assessment Team (RAT)  to conduct Advanced Special Operations in a hostile environment with heavy concentratons of Foreign Intelligence Services with no compromise of mission or intent.

·         Led, advised, and assisted local forces manned at 600 personnel to conduct combat and combat service support operations in support of ongoing operations in politically sensitive areas worldwide.

·         Led and controlled low level source operations in hostile and semi permissive environments.

·         Implemented and directed the building blocks of the Advanced Special Operations Management System Protocol and Reporting Procedures for OEF/OIF/SOFPAK.

·         Conducted infiltration operations into the most remote areas of Western Afghanistan, conducted link up operations with indigenous forces, and began combat operations to secure the western border with Iran.

·         Successfully Implemented Counter Insurgency Operations (COIN) in support of Regional Command intent and end state.

·         Developed plans and COIN activities that supported bilateral missions with partner nation forces and host nation civilian forces using unconventional warfare and Advance Special Operations Techniques.

·         Organized logistical methods and operational objectives with no compromise to the mission in an environment that was heavily occupied by Foreign Intelligence Services.


Field Artillery Detachment Commander, Fort Bragg, NC                                                     5/2000 – 8/2002

·         Expertly operated the logistical and operational support mechanisms to maintain over 25 million dollars worth of equipment for world wide deployment in support of strategic level units.

·         Oversaw the tactical and strategic security, planning, and execution of operational deployments that have been ordered at the executive and  strategic levels of command .

·         Developed and implemented the only morale and welfare program that enabled over 120 subordinates and their families to have multiple venues to conduct joint military and civilian training opportunities that directly affected all levels of command in a positive state and built morale within a 5,000 manned unit.

·         Deployed as a task force to fight the Wildfires of 2007 in Montana and Wyoming with no incidents.

Special Forces Weapons Detachment Commander, Fort Bragg, NC                                     2/1999 – 4/2000

·         Led the Special Operations Weapons Detachment, solely responsible for training Special Forces Soldiers in the use and tactical, operational, and strategic employment of a vast number of U.S. and foreign weapons ranging from pistols to anti armor / aircraft weaponry.

·         Maintained a core of 22 subject manner experts, responsible for the safety and morale of all cadre, students, and their families.

·         Accounted for over 100 Thousand Dollars worth of training ammunition and equipment per class totaling no less than 4 a fiscal year.

·         Procured weapons and developed modern weapons training to include surface to air weapons systems, sniper systems, modern combat weapons, and advanced long range marksmanship training.

Special Forces Weapons Sergeant / Instructor, US Army, Worldwide                                                1/1989 – 2/1999

·         Trained as an Infantryman and Combat Engineer with the US Army.  Chosen ahead of his peers and superiors to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection and eventually selected to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course.

·         Selected above peers to attend Advanced Special Operations training and exercises.

·         Developed integrate knowledge and experience working in South America, Europe, and the Middle East while assigned to Special Forces Units.

·         Deployed and conducted operations in support of Combined-Joint Special Operations Task Force as the only Search and Rescue Element within Iraq during Operation Provide Comfort.

·         Accounted for 250 thousand dollars worth of equipment and government property while deployed to vast areas around the world with no loss.

·         Conducted extensive force protection planning and vulnerability assessments with US Embassies abroad using other than civil / military operations.

·         Chosen to deploy as one of the first Military Liaison Elements to work abroad with other governmental agencies.

·         Operated as a member of the Joint Coalition Observer in Bosnia.




M.S., Business Management / HR Development

University of Maryland, University College

Conferred 08/2009

B.S., Liberal Arts

Regents College of  New York

    Conferred 08/1998

Certified Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Instructor

Conferred 03/2011



·         U.S. Army Inspector General Course

·         Equal Opportunity Leadership Course

·         Reid Techniques of Interview and Interrogation Course (Basic and Advanced).

·         The Joint Planning Course

·         SERE 245

·         Close Quarters Combat Course (LINES Instructor),

·         Special Operations Individual Terrorist Awareness Course

·         Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course

·         U.S. Army Command and Staff Service School

·         Survival/ Evasion/Resistance/ Escape School

·         Special Forces Officer Qualification Course

·         Sensitive Site Exploitation and Tactical Questioning Course

·         Operational Preparation of the Environment Course (OPE)

·         Infantry Captains Career Course

·         Special Operations Instructor/ Trainer Course

·         Master Gunner School

·         Officer Candidate School (OCS)

·         Field Artillery Officer Basic Course

·         H+K Tactical Pistol and Sub-Machine Gun Course

·         Advanced Special Operations Techniques Course (Level 3)

·         Joint Firepower Command Course

·         Combat Diver Qualification Course

·         Airborne Jumpmaster Course

·         Special Operations Master Mountaineering Trainer Course

·         Norwegian Winter Warfare Course

·         Combat Lifesavers Course( Level 4)

·         Special Operations Target Interdiction Course

·         Special Forces Weapons Sergeant Course

·         Ranger School

·         Basic Non- Commissioned Officer Course

·         Primary Leadership Development Course

·         Air Assault School

·         Airborne School

·         Infantry Light Leaders Course

·         U.S. Infantry Advanced Individual Training

·         Combat Engineer School