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Service Disabled SF Warrior, Business Development Director, TS/SCI, NORTHCOM, Counter Narco, AFRICAP

TS/Eligible for SCI

April 02, 2012 –

Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 70%

– Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Colorado, Virginia,

Highlight Write Up:
•Results focused experience from the development of strategic visions to crisis management of operations.
•Specialized in senior and executive level management with national and international organizations.
•Combines expert leadership, oral and written communication, decentralized execution, problem solving, and decisiveness to achieve desired results.
•Team builder, consistently relied on to establish new organizations, which were routinely recognized for efficiency and the ability to quickly, achieve their objectives.
•Extensive experience in developing exercises both at the tactical and operational-joint level.
•Utilizes expertise in planning for all situations from logistics to operations and military to civilian.
•Extensive experience training and operating with foreign military and security forces.
•Expert in special operations, joint, interagency and multi-national operations and relations.

Geo Location:
Europe – Duration: Multiple deployments to Europe over 10 years
Iraq – Duration: 1 year
Afghanistan – Duration: 6 months
Germany – Duration: Lived in Germany for 3 years

Position Write Up:
2010-Present LTO ENTERPRISES, LLC Colorado Springs, CO
Owner, Consultant
Consults clients on business development and capture and proposal management for government and commercial contracts; provides leadership and management training and advice for clients; develops and implements business plans.
•Performed market research to identify Joint Venture partners and teammates to support a US Department of State program in Iraq in support of $100 million dollar company.
•Led and organized the transition of 10 AFRICAP Task Orders for a major corporation resulting in all task orders commencing within the customers timeline.
•Managed, organized the capture, and wrote technical volumes for 12 AFRICAP Task Orders in 30 days, winning 10 for a multi-billion dollar company.
•Built team of international companies to support the creation of a joint venture and wrote key portions of the proposal for Afghanistan Ministry of Interior and Afghan National Police Mentoring, Training and Logistics Support, which was selected for further competition.

2010-2012 ARMA GLOBAL CORPORATION Colorado Springs, CO
Director, Business Development-Training & Mission Support
Identifies and develops new business opportunities for the company’s business growth focused on Department of Defense contracts.
•Prepared and submitted five sources sought responses for subject areas ranging from IT & Enterprise operations to weapons and ammunition to military training.
•Identified and developed multiple business opportunities to support company growth in a new business area through a long range business growth campaign.

Associate Professor
Instructs an online Master of Administrative Sciences class in Planning and Program Development. Course focuses on organizational development and analysis; planning a program for implementation; and program analysis.
•Developed an all aspects master’s level class for online presentation.
•Received positive feedback from students and program director on methodology and presentation. Consistently asked to return for the follow on session.
•Re-worked the military planning process to support planning in the public and business sector as parallel instruction to the directed curriculum.
•Developed a tabletop exercise in support of Center for Homeland Defense and Security to enable a better understanding of the implications of a required evacuation due to a hurricane.

2009-2010 PAE A LOCKHEED MARTIN COMPANY Colorado Springs, CO
Business Development
Pursues business opportunities in international environment, focused on Afghanistan, Africa and Iraq Develops technical portion of proposals. Leads capture efforts. Monitors programs operation for adherence to the performance requirements established by the customer.
•Wrote the technical volume for winning proposals for Africa Peacekeeping Program (AFRICAP) task orders to train Sudanese NCOs and Guinea Presidential Security detail.
•Provided technical expertise on proposal for Counter Narco-Terrorism Program Office task order to train the Afghan Counter Narcotics Forces.
•Provided technical expertise and wrote technical portion of camp management and life support program to support 16 Afghan Police camp’s operations.
•Identified new business areas for the company through analysis of core competencies and transfer of those skills to new developing environments.

2008 – 2009 NORTHERN COMMAND Peterson AFB, CO
Chief of Synchronization
Led a team which synchronized and assessed the Northern Command’s War on Terror plans and integrated special operations into all Northern Command plans. Coordinated with other commands and agencies to ensure plans were complementary.
•Developed special operations portion of the Northern Command’s War on Terrorism and Homeland Defense plans which the Secretary of Defense approves.
•Represented Northern Command in a Department of Defense capabilities analysis of planning processes – led to an experiment to identify best practices for the Department of Defense.
•Analyzed gaps in capability and monitored Northern Command’s support during Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike ensuring timely support to the evacuation and rescue efforts.

2005 – 2008 SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND, EUROPE Stuttgart, Germany
Director of Operations
Directed operations for NATO Special Operations Command, developed and executed plans in support of the War on Terror for Allied Nations. Provided strategic and operational assessments to the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe. Synchronized the planning, training, and deployment of NATO forces in support of North Atlantic Committee directed operations.
•Directed the assessment team of NATO Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan, the first of its kind.
•Managed the development of the first NATO special operations planning effort to counter insurgency activities in Afghanistan and begin unifying 6 disparate headquarters.
•Combined information from assessments and mission needs to help create NATO Special Operations Forces training curriculum.
•Created operations directorate for the new organization from concept to initial operating capability of 20 personnel.
•Developed a comprehensive plan, which increased the operational effectiveness of special operations in Afghanistan by 100%.
Strategic Planner
Developed special operations concepts of operation and plans to execute National missions. Coordinated with senior government and military leaders to develop and execute special and compartmented plans and operations.
•Developed European counter terrorism and War on Terror plans, which were utilized by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
•Acted as the operational planner for a Joint Interagency Task Force responsible for collaborating information from 10 different military and civilian organizations.
•Established a team in Iraq that enabled the command to more effectively focus its operations through targeted intelligence collection.
•Led the concept development for NATO SOF Command resulting in the concept approval by Commander, European Command and the North Atlantic Council.
•Established the Iraqi National Counter Terrorism Headquarters, the only Iraqi interagency organization at the time.

11+ years experience as a Special Forces commander and planner. Command responsibilities ranged from 12 senior soldiers to 150 soldiers. Developed training plans and exercises at tactical, operational and strategic level, executed operational missions, established new operating procedures, and coordinated with foreign nations’ governments and militaries. Recognized for outstanding dedication and leadership through awards and continued assignment to difficult jobs.
Leadership and Training
•Directed operations in Kosovo in order to provide continuous monitoring of the border providing early warning to US Forces.
•Developed training plans to support combat deployments of special operations teams and companies.
•Integrated operations with foreign militaries and agencies in order to create a seamless effort to enhance their capabilities and opportunities for success.
•Implemented operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina to provide higher headquarters with atmospherics of the population, commended for the operational success and ability to accomplish mission.
•Conducted operations in Haiti as a liaison element to a Polish Special Forces unit on its first ever public deployment and acknowledgement.
•Deployed first ever information operations team to support operations in Kosovo.
•Established 3 highly successful information operations programs, which were a significant contribution to the success of the US effort in Kosovo.
Operations and Planning
•Established the first ever senior leader crisis response exercise for Northern Command.
•Led the planning effort for transfer of authority of crisis operations between Northern Command and the FBI.
•Initiated Northern Command’s theater engagement strategy with Mexico, which led to new programs and capability development of Mexican forces.
•Led technology concept and demonstration for new tracking device for the military – efforts enabled the creation of tracking device for multi-national operations.
•Managed planning effort for the training of a newly formed Special Forces unit in the Republic of Georgia.
•Planned the Special Forces Group effort for deployment into Bosnia-Herzegovina, which led to a new method of operations for Special Forces.
•Selected to lead a team on a politically sensitive training mission to France, which resulted in the successful employment of French Forces.

Skills Write Up:
New Business Development
Capture Management
New Business Campaign Development and Management
Organizational Development
Team Building
Training Development
Problem Solving
International relations
Crisis Management

Education Write Up:
Master of Arts, International Affairs, Homeland Security
Operations Research and Systems Analysis
Bachelor of Science, Engineering Technology

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