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Service Disabled Warrior, MARSOC, Intelligence Officer, TS/SCI/CI Poly, Arabic, All Source Intel, SME Operational Policies, CBRNE , CI Analyst, Research and Development, Project Manager, HUMINT, ISR, SERE, MOUT Training Manager, DST/SCT, SIGINT


May 01, 2012 – End

Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 30%+

Arabic – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic
Spanish – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:
Stateside – Florida,

Highlight Write Up:
Pragmatic, balanced and self-confident leader with 8 years of Service in the Marine Corps and 5 years of extensive all-source intelligence, counterintelligence analysis, and leadership experience. Well-versed and experienced in personnel management; project management; intelligence and operational analysis, implementation and execution of Research and Development programs. Strong experience with a full spectrum of intelligence operations. Trusted subject matter expert on operational policies, plans, initiatives and execution to meet and exceed objectives and requirements. Exceptional in the ability to effectively initiate, strengthen and retain relationships with diverse constituencies including foreign national civic & military dignitaries, Department of Defense, Agencies, contractors and academia. Respected as collaborative team member. Military leader known for composure under pressure, mature judgment, and effective problem solving. Currently maintains a Top Secret Clearance with Sensitive Compartmented Information TS//SCI with CI Polygraph.

Geo Location:
Iraq – Duration: Multiple deployments
GTMO – Duration: 1-4 weeks
Rota, Spain – Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
US. Marine Corps Special Operations Command July 2010 – Present.
8/2011 – Present: Marine Special Operations Regiment, Counter Intelligence/Human Intelligence Officer, Intelligence Operations Officer.
Effectively managed the daily activities and staff for the Marine Special Operations Regimental FORMICA program resulting in consistent positive evaluations from external intelligence agencies for our published Intelligence Information Reports.

• Serve as project manager for counterintelligence (CI) & human intelligence (HUMINT) issues; coordinate CI/HUMINT efforts and represent command’s interests with higher headquarters, Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOC), and national agencies.
• Coordinate CI/HUMINT Marine staffing and matrixes support for internal and external organizations, to include higher headquarter, and appropriate U.S. Embassy Officials.
• Understands the unique theater and country procedures concerning CI/HUMINT and Preparation of the Environment (PE); develop and formalize command’s procedures and policies for the conduct of CI/HUMINT-related activities associated with assigned tasks and overseas operations.
• As the Assistant Intelligence Officer, perform duties as the S-2 Officer in his absence.
• Supervise and manage the collection, processing, and timely dissemination of CI/HUMINT products in support of time sensitive command functions; ensure the products meet a range of laws, policies and directives, and coordinated with the appropriate internal and external staffs.
• Plan, coordinate, and execute CI/HUMINT operations and activities as required.

7/2010 – 8/2011: Marine Special Operations Intelligence Battalion, Battalion Executive Officer, Operations Officer, Direct Support Team Course Manager.
Provided daily management for multiple projects supporting intelligence requirements for the US Marine Special Operation Forces. Directed multiple special operations intelligence Marines in world-wide locations. Major programs managed include MARSOC Intel Language Program, Airborne Operations, Special Intelligence Projects and Joint Intelligence Operations Capability supporting the Army Special Forces and Naval Special Warfare.

• Provided oversight and management of external Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) resources for two iterations of the Special Operations Intelligence Course.
• Overall responsible for the training and performance of 40 Special Operations Intelligence Marines and Team intelligence cell Marines to support complex and world-wide operations.
• Managed the local National Linguist and Role players for two courses.
• Managed the training in ten Mobile Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) facilities during Direct Support Team Course.
• Manager for all Operations and Training conducted by Marine Special Operations Intelligence Battalion.
• Developed, coordinated, and managed the a comprehensive and individualized professional development and education program for all of the personnel within my organization in support of worldwide deployments.
• Developed, coordinated, and managed multiple intelligence exercises to prepare and validate our Direct Support Teams (DSTs) and Special Collection Teams (SCT) for operational tasking.
• DST Course Officer in Charge (OIC), directed and successfully managed Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) during course in compliance with Intelligence oversight with a course that had live signals feed. Also, as DST course OIC capable of employing SIGINT operators, use of gear, and analyzing data from SIGINT operators.
• Managed the Classified Material Control Program.
• Command Representative for several senior and peer-level working groups that included a functional area analysis and reorganization to improve organizational efficiency and resource management, Special Operation Command level personnel and resource study to improve intelligence support, and Special Operations Task Force support analysis.
• Managed the allocation of all CI/HUMINT resources to provide matrixes support to other supported organizations to support their complex and dynamic requirements.
• Developed the MARSOC Intelligence Battalion Language Lab in order to meet MARSOC and SOCOM professional development and certification requirements.
• Reviewed and provided analysis to numerous intelligence products for internal and external programs.
• Conducted detailed and targeted personnel statistics critical to senior managers.
• Manpower Study, Direct Support Team employment analysis, and Special Operations Task Force support analysis.

United States Marine Corps, January 2004 – July 2010
5/2009 – 7/2010: 3rd Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, Company Commander
Company Commander for a 339-man infantry company responsible for Counter Insurgency Operations within Al Anbar Province, Iraq and pre-deployment exercises in support of operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Responsible for the formulation of all Tactical and Training operations, policies, plans, objectives, and execution of all operations for the Company. Supervisor to 8 Captains, 9 Lieutenants, and 18 Staff Non-Commissioned Officers. Also served as the Battalion’s Security Manager.

• Planned, coordinated, and effectively led the execution of exercise Enhanced Mojave Viper, 29 Palms, CA., for over 300 Marines and Sailors.
• Conducted Pre-deployment Site Survey to Iraq in support of OIF 09.2 to CAO West.
• Planned, coordinated and conducted successful Consolidated Memorandum Receipt turnover with 2nd Marine Regiment prior to deployment in support of OIF 09.2.
• Successfully planned, supported, and led the deployment of (339) Marines, Sailors, and all gear requirements to OIF 09.2.
• Conducted mentoring and professional development of (18) Staff non-commissioned officers and (9) lieutenants.

8/2008 – 5/2009: 3rd Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, Scout Sniper Platoon Commander
Platoon Commander for a 24-man infantry scout sniper platoon. Responsible for the formulation of all Tactical and Training operations, policies, plans, objectives, and execution of all operations for the platoon. Also served as the Battalion’s Assistant Intelligence officer.

• Managed the intelligence requirements of the collection plan, and pattern analysis of Battalion exercise “Mountain Warrior”.
• Successfully managed and trained the Scout Sniper Platoon for combat operations in both OIF and OEF.
• Successfully supervised 17 days of live fire training with multiple weapon systems for the Scout Sniper Platoon during the Battalion’s Deploy for Training exercise to Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ & Camp Billy Machen, CA.

5/2007 – 8/2008: Military Advisor/Intelligence Officer, Military Transition Team (MiTT) 3-4/1 and 1-1/1
Senior Intelligence Adviser to Iraqi infantry unit responsible for Counter-Insurgency Operations throughout Al Anba, Diyala Provinces, and Basrah.

• Advised both the 3-4/1 and 1-1/1 Iraqi Army Battalion Intelligence sections in all facets of intelligence and counter intelligence.
• Planned, developed and presented intelligence briefs and products to support Military Transition Team 3-4/1 in support of OIF.
• Conducted over 100 joint operations and combat patrols with 3-4/1 Iraqi Army, to include presence patrols, IED and cache sweeps, clearing operations and raids.
• Managed the Human Targeting Working Group that contributed to the capture of numerous enemy personnel.
• As Advisor to the Iraqi Battalion 3-4/1 3rd Company, conducted daily coordination with 3rd Company to plan and conduct operations.
• Provided the weekly intelligence briefs to adjacent coalition forces.
• Produced multiple High Value Individual target packages in support of Coalition Forces and Joint SOF operations.
• Conducted regular coordination w/ MNF-W SIGINT and MND-B HUMINT and effectively employing assets to improve surveillance within the Area of Operation.
• Served as Liaison Officer for the MiTTs Human Exploitation Team (HET ) 12 in Nassar Wa Salam, Iraq.
• Conducted coordination with the Camp Fallujah Regimental Detainment Facility, and executed multiple patrols to transport and process detainees.
• Conducted mentorship and advised Iraqi Army 1-1/1 Intelligence Officer Counterpart, enabling the discovery and disposal of over 70 caches in Basrah, Iraq.
• Fought in 13 engagements, participated in 12 clearing operations and Oversaw the handling of over 50 detainees during The Charge of the Knights campaign

Skills Write Up:
-Joint Source Validation Course
-Special Operations Forces Sensitive Site Exploitaion
-Marine Special Operations Forces Leaders Course
-Basic Airborne Course
-Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (Full Spectrum)
-Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Black Belt
-Combat Life Saver Course
-Tactical Combat Casualty Care
-Evasive Driving Course
-Deployment Medicine Operators Course
-Ground Intelligence Officers Course
-Scout Sniper Platoon Commander Course
-Infantry Officers Course
-The Basic School
-Officer Candidate School
-Technical Escort School
-Nuclear Biological Chemical Defense School
-Marine Corps Recruit Training,

Education Write Up:
Bachelors Degree, Criminal Justice and Psychology, University of Alabama