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SF Intelligence Analyst, Operations Manager, Weapons Operator, PYSOPS Specialist, 18F/B, TS/SCI, Nuclear Site Access Cert., Radiological Worker II Cert.,Reconnaissance, Target Analysis, Master’s Certificate in Project Management


Start – End


Thai – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic
Indonesian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:

Stateside – Virginia,

Highlight Write Up:
Intuitive professional known as the “go to guy” with an exceptional learning curve focused on commitment to quality, efficiency, and ethical standards. Effectively works and leads diverse teams in dynamic environments to accomplish strategic objectives. Seasoned leader focused on delivering results using qualitative analyses to facilitate superior organizational and customer value.

Core Strengths

 Project development and oversight

 Adaptable and universal leadership

 Critical technical proficiencies

 Quality control and assessment

 Active TS/SCI Security Clearance

 Management in diverse environments

Geo Location:
Location – Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
Contingency Response Survey Analyst

Continously exceeded client expectations with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency by introducing new collection and development methodologies to produce tactical plans in support of consequence management objectives. Developed and delivered intuitive products to facilitate joint agency contingency operation initiatives for critical national infrastructure and DoD/NATO assets. Promoted superior quality control and continuous product and suspense improvement. Led product training and delivery to federal and local law enforcement first responders.

Special Forces Intelligence Analyst and Assistant Operations

A senior non-commissioned officer that oversaw operations and intelligence fusion for a counter-terrorism response unit including managing personnel, training schedules, exercises, and risk evaluations for tactical operational teams. Led, mentored, and managed an intelligence team to develop accurate assessments on multiple adversary networks in diverse locations and supervised unit intelligence oversight and focal point read-on clearances. Consulted with US Embassy personnel, negotiated with foreign military leadership, and oversaw deployment budgets to support regional strategic plans and objectives. Contributions led to a highly efficient Special Forces unit able to counter objectives in multiple theatres at once.

Operations Manager and Intelligence Analyst

Led and managed operations for a counter-terrorism and hostage rescue assault team to include team development and improvement, administrative accountability, and tactical leadership. Planned, coordinated, and budgeted global deployments to modernize and advise foreign host nations’ counter-terrorism unit tactics. Targeted numerous adversaries and facilitators in isolated locations and produced intelligence reports to higher authorities. Exploited, analyzed, and developed sensitive information critical to unit strategic planning.

Special Forces Weapons Operator

Managed and maintained advanced weapon systems and equipment valued over $1M and led, organized, and coordinated tactical training events. Led an assault force cell that operated in multiple global regions and responsible for the teams’ mental, physical, and tactical superiority capable of operating in austere environments. Trained, advised, and led over 80 foreign special operation force operators in hundreds of direct action combat missions and advised commanders during planning and execution of those operations. Directed and supervised mobility operations in conjunction with executing dismounted operations for over 100 missions with more than ten road side bomb attacks and ambushes resulting in minimal casualties.

Psychological Operations Specialist

Researched, wrote, and analyzed country reports as well as identified and exploited information in support of the Rewards for Justice Program. Developed and provided cultural analysis to facilitate non-combatant evacuation operations and psychological persuasion in multiple nations.

Skills Write Up:
Professional Development and Training

Special Forces Intelligence and Operations Course (18F) ● Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance, Target Analysis, and Exploitation Techniques Course ● Special Forces Weapons Course (18B) ● Indonesian Special Operations Language Course (Honor Grad) ● Thai Basic Military Language Course ● Psychological Operations Course (37F) ● Nuclear Regulatory Commission Site Access Certification ● Nuclear Weapons Orientation Course ● Radiological Worker II Certified ● Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Level II Certified ● Reid Advanced Interrogation Techniques Course ● Forced Entry Tactical Training Breaching Course ● Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Development Courses

Education Write Up:
Masters Certificate in Project Management, Master Certificate in Information Technology & Information Systems Project Management (June 2012) ● Villanova University

Bachelor of Science in Business Management (2011) ● University of Phoenix

General Studies (2002) ● University of Missouri – Columbia

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