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Small Craft Instructor(Eng./Spanish), Name your Pay, Stennis, MS

Salary: Negotiated based upon certs

Location: Stennis, Mississippi
PoP: 2 years left on the contract
Referral Bonus: N/A
Start Date: Immediate (2-4 weeks) open position

Referral Bonus: $500 cash or check when your referral gets hired

This position provides training analysis, instructional support, engineering
and development for operational and logistical requirements for Navy Special
Warfare Command and possesses skills in the methodology of curriculum
and test questions development, effective classroom instructional techniques,
in accordance with NAVEDTRA 134 Navy Instructor Manual and
NAVEDTRA 135 Navy School Manual employment of training aids, student
progress measurement strategies and course management. This position of
responsibility and level of expertise should be along the same level of a

1. Perform the functions of the respective labor categories in
accordance with NETC 130C Series and have an in-depth knowledge
of written and oral communication principles, methods and
techniques, analytical methods, and interpersonal relations practices.
2. Required to instruct Foreign Security Force Students (FSF) in
English and Spanish at the school house and while during training.
3. Analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate curriculum for
assigned courses, determine the need for new or revised curricula and
communicate with the Training Officer (TO) and Learning Standards
Officer (LSO), boat drivers, engineers, technicians, contractors,
vendors, and manufacturers to develop new curricula on current and
new Patrol Craft operations, communications and maintenance and
repair procedures.
4. Resolve conflicts within training resources between Operational,
Communications and Maintenance related courses. Devises,
develops, and implements long range plans to anticipate and
incorporate new procedures and technological developments into the
respective curriculums coincident with production.
5. Provide formative, summative, operational and logistical support.
6. Provide training analysis and instructional support for various
weapon systems as mentioned in the International Small Arms
Maintenance paragraph 3.3.9 of the PWS, outboard engines,
navigation and communications equipment.
7. Evaluate training aids and provide recommendations to determine
need for upgrades or changes.
8. Provide support in the inspection, preventative maintenance,
modification, technological developments and operation of Special
Operations Forces (SOF) unique watercraft.
9. Provide program and technical support for various watercraft
equipment and weapon systems.
10. Implement the following Naval Instructions: 5100.19, 3500.39,
11. Upon completion of all specific criteria in accordance with
COMNAVSPECWARCOM INST 3591.1C and designated in
writing by the Commanding Officer, conduct duties as Range Officer
In Charge (ROIC) and Range Safety Officer (RSO).
12. Comply with Navy policy and procedures in the use and
responsibility of U.S. Government Fleet Fuel card program, per
13. Write correspondence in a military format, when necessary.
14. Perform data entry on IBM-compatible computers utilizing current
versions of Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office applications
like Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other related programs.
15. Perform other duties as assigned in order to perform services
associated with tasks in this Performance Work Statement (PWS).


 BS/BA in either Education, Engineering or Instructional Development
 10 years’ experience (See minimum qualifications)

Experience:  Possess excellent work ethics, verbal and written communication skills,
and be detailed and accurate in performing all administrative and routine


Shall have a minimum of one of each of the following combinations of
general experience and a degree:
At least 10 years of experience in a technical environment in principles of
SOF-unique watercraft systems and equipment.
At least 5 years of experience as a Navy Occupational Standard (NEC
9502) Instructor and US Navy Master Training Specialist (MTS)
certification or equivalent.
 At least 10 years of experience in course curriculum management and
providing instruction in areas such as Diesel and Outboard Engine
Maintenance and Overhaul, Aluminum and Arc Welding, Navigation,
Field Communications, Weapons Systems Operation and Maintenance,
Electrical systems repair and maintenance and Electronic systems repair
and maintenance.
 Demonstrate working knowledge of the following Naval Instructions:
OPNAVINST 5100.19 Series, Safety Precautions for Forces Afloat;
OPNAVINST 3500.39 Series, Operational Risk Management;
OPNAVINST 5530.13C Arms, Ammunition and Explosives Physical
 At least 5 years of experience in logistics and maintenance support of
various maritime systems, watercraft and equipment.
 Able to qualify as a “High Risk Instructor” per guidelines set forth in
OPNAVINST 1500.75 Series, Policies and Procedures for Conducting
High-Risk Training. Courses taught will have “Live Fire” action during
course of instruction.
 Must be fluent in both English and Spanish with extensive experience in
providing training in both languages.
 Possess significant leadership and training experience in providing and/or
planning instruction including, training and administrative. Particular
emphasis on demonstrated leadership capabilities is required.
 Able to obtain and keep current a Mississippi Statewide Security Guard
Gun permit.
 Able to obtain and keep current a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
Class A.
 Possess a valid state driver’s license.
 Be able to obtain and maintain appropriate special licensing/certification
for vehicles and equipment required for their specific position. All
licensing/certification shall be accomplished at no additional cost to the

Working Conditions:  Be physically fit and able to work in an environment that is fast-paced
while completing multiple tasks, and meeting stringent timelines.
 Work alternate schedules to satisfy training requirements.
 Maintain a clean workspace.


 Attend and satisfactorily complete all Government required training
associated with job responsibilities as designated in your specific Scope
of Work. The instructor training is internal to NAVSCIATTS as part of
the instructor development requirements based NAVEDTRA 135C,
additional training, i.e. factory specific training, is as needed to comply
with requirements.
 Cross train with other contracted positions to fill in during absences.

Address all in red, and if applicable blue and submit to Nilda at  at titled: “Small Craft Instructor”