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SOF and Counterterrorism Planner, TS/SCI, CT Branch Chief, CFLCC, SIS, Spanish, M.A.: Int’l Relations


June 15, 2012 – End


Spanish – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Intermediate

Desired Location:
Stateside – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia

Highlight Write Up:
32 years experience as an Army Special Forces and Foreign Area Officer, with ten years in joint assignments and SOF experience in Special Forces Groups, Special Forces Command, Regional Special Operations Commands, and Joint Staff. 14 years experience in USSOUTHCOM AOR. Counterterrorism planning experience in multiple assignments, and recent SOF deployment. Spanish Speaker with Masters Degree in International Relations. TS SCI

Geo Location:
Location – Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:

3rd Army/US Army Central (ARCENT)
Shaw AFB, SC   29152 US

07/2011 – Present

Country Desk Officer

Desk Officer for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Yemen in the U.S. Army headquarters responsible for Title 10 actions in the Middle East. Working with U.S. Central Command, advise and assist Partner Nation armies with Theater Security Cooperation (TSC) opportunities to modernize and improve their Land Forces (armies), while advising the ARCENT Commanding General and staff on country developments and methods for US Army engagement. Coordinate with the US Embassy Country Team in each of my responsible nations to establish Country Plans and develop engagement opportunities to include Key Leader Engagements, Theater Commander Activities, bilateral and multilateral exercises, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) advice and assistance, and visits by the Land Forces (Army) of respective nations to US bases and facilities. Conduct/assist in the analysis of the Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information and Infrastructure (PMESII) construct to develop trends within the Arabian Peninsula – Levant region to build Army Central (ARCENT)/3rd Army methodology in supporting US military goals and objectives within the region. Coordinate with US Central Command, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, Department of State, and other interagency organizations to synchronize ARCENT efforts and embed them with US policy. Participate in classified exercise planning for contingency plans tied to the region. Participated in the Combat Readiness Analysis, a major study of the KSA Land Forces which was briefed to the Minister of Defense and forms the basis for an approximate $18B FMS purchase by their military. Conducted planning/coordination with the Land Forces of UAE to re-energize engagement between the US and UAE armies which had been nearly dormant for two years.

United States European Command
Joint Interagency Counter Trafficking Center
APO, AE   09130 US

10/2008 – 07/2011

Chief, Counterterrorism Branch

Responsible for counterterrorism planning, as well as conventional and Special Operations targeting; was responsible for assisting in the development of a standing Operations Order for USEUCOM counterterrorism activities in EUCOM. Was a primary targeting officer for EXERCISE AUSTERE CHALLENGE 09 and 10, as well as EXERCISE FREQUENT RESOLVE 10, developing lethal and non-lethal options for exercise play; worked within the Whole of Government (WOG) construct and coordinated all activities with the US Interagency. Served as the EUCOM Focal Point Operations Center Director for a classified Joint Chiefs of Staff Special Operations exercise, responsible for managing a compartmentalized EUCOM staff for all phases of the exercise. Built and gained approval for a counterterrorism contract employing five civilian contractors. As JICTC CT Branch Chief, built the branch, converting the contract positions to government civil service billets, and gained two reserve billets. Supervised seven personnel and was responsible for a $1M annual budget. Worked closely with the US Interagency, with emphasis on Department of Justice (DoJ), Department of State (DoS)/State CT, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), US Africa Command (USAFRICOM),and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) amongst others to coordinate all facets of EUCOM CT planning and activities. In coordination with Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), was responsible for managing the Stuttgart Effects Groups (SEG), a counterterrorism forum with a focus on implementing CT effects against European terror threat streams. Deployed with Special Operations Forces (SOF) to Afghanistan, and worked with Afghan counterparts to establish the Regional Operation Support Group (R-OSG) at Kandahar Airfield to synchronize US operations with Afghan military, police, and investigative organizations.

Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation
Fort Benning, GA   31905

07/2004 – 10/2008

Chief of Staff

As the Director of Operations and Training, led all training venues for a unique organization responsible for training US, Latin American and Caribbean officers, non-commissioned officers, and civilians in US Army professional education and high-risk tactical training. Supervised over 160 US and foreign military, civilian, and interagency personnel in a joint combined institute operating 24 resident courses and multiple Military Training Teams (MTT), resulting in over 1200 multinational students trained annually. Was responsible for the analysis, design, development, review, and execution of courses ranging from professional military education such as Intelligence and Civil Affairs Advanced Courses to high risk tactical courses oriented towards counter narcotics operations in Latin America. Was responsible for a Department of the Army accredited Spanish language version of Intermediate Level Education (ILE) for both US and foreign officers. Integrated interagency instructors from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) into the Programs of Instructions (POI), and regularly coordinated with US Southern Command, Department of the Army, Combined Arms Center, US Northern Command, US Army South, 5th Army, and Country Teams from US Embassies across the US Southern Command Area of Operations. Exported multiple MTTs to Columbia, El Salvador, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic for a cost effective use of limited US Country Team funding, and was responsible for the Directorate\’s $2.5 million annual training budget. As Chief of Staff, supervised the entire staff consisting of over 80 military and civilian employees and managed the day-to-day functioning of the Institute; was responsible for all personnel, logistics, budget, facilities, and legal issues for the institute and was the Acting Commandant in the Commandant\’s absence. Coordinated development and execution of the schools $7 million budget. Implemented the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) for the Institute, and gained approval for five additional civilian and ten contractor billets to support the organization. Was responsible for the planning and coordination of the $4.5 million relocation of the institute as a result of BRAC construction on Fort Benning. Coordinated and executed Congressionally mandated WHINSEC Board of Visitors (BOV) visits to the school as well as a BOV brief in Washington to members of the US Congress.

Coalition Forces Land Component Command
APO, AE   09880 US

08/2003 – 06/2004

Responsible for directing the Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) staff during night operations during the opening stages of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, coordinating actions on behalf of the Director of Operations for the Army headquarters responsible for all Title 10 support to combat operations in Iraq. Directly supervised 10 officers and non-commissioned officers, while directing the entire 100 person Coalition Operations and Intelligence (COIC) staff during night operations. Responsible for assisting in the coordination of Title 10 and Joint Reception Staging Onward Movement and Integration (JRSOI) for supported forces. Coordinated with Major Service Commands and higher/adjacent headquarters to support combat and combat support operations. Directed, trained, and supervised CFLCC Battle Captains and Liaison Officers to ensure integration of Air Defense, NBC, Aviation, and Special Operations Forces expertise into the Current Operations Division. Later served as the command\’s primary operations Liaison Officer to Combined Joint Task Force-7, coordinating issues for the command\’s support to the overall war effort. Provided daily situational updates to CFLCC Commanding General and Staff, and coordinated operational and logistical requirements to assist in supporting the largest movement of forces since World War II. Coordinated the reception of CFLCC staff officers into the newly established Multi National Force Iraq headquarters. Routinely organized and led combat convoys between Camp Victory and the Green Zone.

US Military Group, American Embassy Tegucigalpa
Unit 3000
APO, AA   34022 US

07/2001 – 07/2003

Army Program Manager

Responsible for assisting and advising the Honduran Army; developed, coordinated, and implemented US Security Assistance programs and activities to include training, logistics, transportation, and administration in support of US objectives directed in US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) Theater Security Cooperation (TSC) guidance. Also advised the Honduran Army on the acquisition, training, and servicing of US military equipment while additionally managing the Honduran Armed Forces International Military Education and Training (IMET) program for education opportunities for all military services. Served as a member of the Embassy staff, and worked extensively within the US Interagency environment. Contributed to and supported the Country Team Mission Performance Plan (MPP), to include support to counterterrorism and counternarcotics operations, human rights, and civilian control of the military. Served as DoD lead in support of US Agency for International Development (USAID) disaster relief operations. Executed a robust mil-to-mil engagement program using Traditional CINC Activities (TCA), LATAM Cooperation funding, JCS exercises, an multiple other Army programs to provide military training in nearly all functional areas to Honduran Army personnel. Coordinated dozens of training opportunities for US units in Honduras, with an emphasis on Special Operations Forces (SOF) training for the War on Terror, using Joint Combined Exercise and Training (JCET) events, counterdrug, humanitarian demining, and classified exercises, enabling units to train in mountainous terrain similar to that they would face in Afghanistan. Tied to the US training, Honduran Army units gained invaluable experience for interoperability they would use as members of the coalition in OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF). Coordinated with the Embassy and DoS to enable US SOF training for the Honduran law enforcement organization charged with their national counterterrorism mission. Coordinating with USOUTHCOM and Joint Task Force Bravo, assisted in the training program for the battalion sized Honduran Task Force which deployed to An Najaf, Iraq as part of the Multinational Division in OIF.

Returned to Regular Army Status, Jul 2001

J3 Special Operations Division, Joint Staff
The Pentagon
Washington, DC   20318 US

07/1999 – 07/2001

Civil Affairs Operations Officer (USAR AGR Assignment)

Coordinated all Civil Affairs (CA) activities for the Joint Staff, and developed all Civil Affairs and Humanitarian Demining deployment orders. Represented the Joint Staff in the development and maintenance of Civil Affairs operations, plans, policies and doctrine for the employment of Active and Reserve Component forces worldwide. Assisted in recommendations to the Chairman, JCS on the strategic and operational employment of CA assets. Prepared briefings, position papers, and operational concepts for the Joint Staff J3. Coordinated extensively across the US Interagency, especially with DoS for Humanitarian Demining issues. Trained as a member of the Joint Staff Crisis Action Team, and participated as a member of that team for contingency planning for the presidential elections/inauguration, Y2K, and the USS Cole incident in Yemen. Assisted in CA issues for Kosovo Force (KFOR) and Stabilization Force (SFOR) operations, and participated in the use of CA forces for the East Timor crisis and flooding in Mozambique. Was the Joint Staff Point of Contact for the USSOCOM CA/CMO review, which resulted in CA increases to both the Active and Reserve components. Gained approval for/facilitated in the filling of two additional Active Guard Reserve billets within the J3 Special Operation Division. Was the Joint Staff Action Officer for staffing the deployment order for US Special Operations Forces (SOF) support to the motion picture Blackhawk Down, working within the Interagency to overcome exceptional political and legal issues to lead to the deployment and completion of the film. Trained for Special Operations contingencies and participated in classified JCS SOF exercises.

Previous Assignment Summary (1979-1999):

Emphasizing the above assignments spanning the last 13 years, previous assignments include:

– Senior Reserve Advisor, SOCSOUTH, Corozal, Panama (1998-1999) (USAR AGR Assignment)

– Deputy DCSCMO, US Army South, Fort Clayton, Panama (1997) (USAR AGR assignment)

– Assistant PMS, Army ROTC, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH (1994-1997)(USAR AGR Assignment)

– Operations Officers, G-3, USASFC(A), Fort Bragg, NC (Reserve time, served in active duty tours to include multiple SOF exercises, 6 months Assistant S-2 at SOCSOUTH, 8 months at CCJ-5 as Demining Plans Officer)

– Assistant S-3, 2-7th SGG(A), Fort Bragg, NC (1990-1991)

– Plans Officer, DCSOPS Plans, United States Army South, Fort Clayton, Panama (1988-1990) (was USARSO LNO to SOF at Howard AFB for OPERATION JUST CAUSE)

– ODA Commander (ODAs 171 and 176), A Co, 3-1st SFG (A), Fort Lewis WA (1984-1987)

– Infantry Rifle Platoon Leader, Mortar Platoon Leader, and Assistant S3, 2-21st Inf (M), Fort Stewart, GA (1980-1983)


Skills Write Up:

Joint/SOF/CT Planner, Operations, Training, Management, Foreign Area Officer, Country Team Member in US Embassies, SOF Exercise Planning and Execution, Joint Staff Officer, 

Education Write Up:

BS, Biology, The Citadel, Charleston, SC 1979

MA, International Relations, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 2003

SIS Course (JSOC), JSOC Course, Command and General Staff Officers Course, Defense Institute for Security Assistance Management Overseas Course, Defense Language Institute – Spanish, Special Forces Qualification Course, Jumpmaster Course, Special Operations Training Course (SOT), Mott Lake – attended with twice with 2 ODAs, Combined Arms Service Support School, Infantry Officer Advanced Course, Civil Affairs Officer Advanced Course, Ranger School, Airborne School, Infantry Officer Basic Course