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SOF Tech Scout/SME, $105-125K+, TS/SCI, Bragg

Who doesn’t want to have a blast either in the STAC process at USASOC or JCTDs on Butner? Well if your are able to have a tech conversation with Brad Chedister or have ever been able to get 6.4 dollars for any tech after a Trident Specter demo.  This gig maybe for you

If you like to waste time, skip this sentence.. if not, make sure to address EACH in red below on your tailored resume or application or else we will ask you to do it each time until complete..

Location:  Fayettenam

Security Clearance:   Active TS/SCI (must have had PR in 2013 or later due to SAP access requirements)

POC:  Pete C at

Pay rate:  Negotiable but the range is between 105-125 currently

Referral Bonus: Open referral $1,000 paid upon your buddy’s employment date

Signing Bonus: $1,000 paid in time for Christmas, New Years or which ever holiday is after your start date!

Special Tactics Commodity Acquisition Systems

 The Contractor shall assist in ensuring cost, schedule, and performance are within scope and tolerance of the specified project.
 The Contractor shall maintain awareness of numbers, location, and cost of commodity area equipment and systems.
 The Contractor shall continually conduct market analysis and look for cutting edge Commercial off the Shelf (COTS), and Government off the shelf (GOTS) developmental efforts applicable to the assigned commodity area.
 The Contractor shall participate in the research, planning, development, and testing of
equipment in preparation for acquisition and operational fielding.
 The Contractor shall assist in developing, identifying, defining, and resolving a wide variety of complex technical and management issues related to major aspects of war, mobilization, and contingency plans, as well as core comprehension of Acquisition, Systems Engineering, and Developmental and Operational Test and evaluation efforts.
 The Contractor shall support high level analytical evaluations of operational tasking to
determine the most productive use of resources.
 The Contractor shall support decisions regarding what must be done, which are complicated by extreme diversity in the programs and activities of supporting organizations, volatility of customer requirements, changing priorities or goals and conflicting or inadequate policies, regulations and/or guidelines.
 The Contractor shall consider impact of actions taken on the total effort, must weigh all factors involved to recommend trade-offs, and must analyze the interrelationships of widely diverse programs required to achieve overall objectives and goals.
 The Contractor shall assist in managing programs for acquisition of complex and highly technical items and devices in both a classified and unclassified environment.
 The Contractor shall apply sound fiscal and program management principles to constantly changing funding. levels and directives, which impact upon program or project milestone decision authorities.
 The Contractor shall support assessments of programmatic uncertainties (risk) due to possible cost escalation, life cycle management beyond budgeted levels, technological, and safety issues.
 Expert knowledge of Special Operations as demonstrated via no less than 10 years of experience within Special Operations as either a staff officer or operator.
 Knowledge of operational security of worldwide Special Tactics support and employment mission requirements, including assault zone survey, weather collection, and time sensitive targeting in support of organizational objectives.
 Expert knowledge of mission, organization, and interrelationships of Department of Defense, joint staff, and interagency working groups as demonstrated via no less than 5 years of experience within this area.
 Detailed knowledge of national policies and doctrine concerning unit operations in order to develop and coordinate operational plans and policies for the Command, as demonstrated via no less than 10 years of experience working within this area.
Extensive special operations experience, including in-depth, first-hand experience of no less than 5 years working with special operations unit activities.
 First-hand knowledge and expertise with JCS exercises, military unit exercises, and emergency deployment readiness exercises to develop scenarios, concepts, and integrate strategic, operational and tactical levels of participation.
 Knowledge of implementing and employing Air Force and joint acquisitions systems.
 The ability to independently conduct research, compile, interpret, and analyze a variety of practical and technical data from a wide range of sources, draw conclusions, and devise practical
 The ability to communicate effectively both orally and written.
 Current Top-Secret Clearance and eligible for Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI)and Special Access Programs (SAP).

Address EACH and all the requirements, above in red,  in the application (apply above)or submit a tailored resume to Pete at