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Special Forces Commo SGT (18E), ASO III, TS/SCI, FSIVA, Albanian

OBJECTIVE: Special Forces Detachment Operations/Intelligence Sergeant seeks an Advanced Special Operations (ASO), Protective Security Specialist, SOF Instructor/ Mentor, or other position, where management deems my knowledge, skills, and abilities can be best utilized to achieve corporate objectives.

• Over a decade of USSOF experience
• ASO Level III graduate
• In-depth knowledge and experience with all facets of exercise design, coordination, execution, and assessment.
• Well seasoned instructor/trainer of U.S. and foreign military personnel
• Possess Interim TS/SCI Security Clearance
• Extensive combat and hostile fire zones experience (Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo)
• Willing to relocate


NEK Advanced Securities Group (Special Operations Training and Exercises Support Team/ Critical Infrastructure Protection Program (Feb 2010-Aug 2011)
• Supervised, managed, briefed/debriefed ASO level II and III role players for scripted and free play exercise scenarios.
• Conducted site surveys and developed exercises areas. Developed local contacts leading to land use agreements, exercise sites, and local role players. De-conflicted and successfully solicited local law enforcement agency participation in exercise executions.
• Performed road to war and exercise inject scripting (dynamic & preplanned).
• Developed Proposals for Port Security Assessments, Physical Security/Force Protection Assessments, and prepared Statement of Work for bidding process.

US Army CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) / FSIVA (Full Spectrum Integrated Vulnerability Assessment) Team (2004-2008)
• Conducted and presented vulnerability assessments for civilian, federal, and military installations.
• Performed duties as the Security Operations, Terrorist Operations, Infrastructure Operations, and Emergency Management Specialist on 6-man team.
• Homeland Defense Enhanced Comprehensive Assessment Model Course, Camp Dawson, WV.
• Homeland Security Comprehensive Assessment Model Course, Providence, RI.
• Homeland Defense Critical Infrastructure Protection/ Mission Assurance Course, Camp Dawson, WV.
• Anti-terrorism Level 2 Course, Camp Dawson, WV.
• Proficient with DOD guidelines (2000.16, 2000.12) that include, but are not limited to, Random Anti-terrorism Measures (RAM’s), Anti-terrorism Programs and Plans and other policies such as security operations, infrastructure operations, terrorist operations, and emergency management checklists used to conduct assessments. Proficient with the software and presentation formats associated with said assessments.
• Proficient with BEAM, Analyst Notebook, Pathfinder, Orion Magic, Arc view/Map/Scene, Mobile GIS, Biometric Automated Toolset, Cryptology, Encase, Steganos and other programs.
• Trained numerous US Border Patrol personnel in Force Protection, Antiterrorism Awareness, and Physical Security Measures.

US Army National Guard (SF), 5/19th Special Forces Group, California NG (2002-Present)
Special Forces Operations/ Intelligence/ Communications Sergeant (18Z,18F/18E), Operational Detachment A (Special Forces A Team) 9512

? Currently serving as a Detachment Operations Sergeant for an ASO ODA. Responsible for ODA training and maintaining ODA’s ASO Skill sets and Capabilities
? Constructed aggressive intelligence networks for both kinetic and non-kinetic targeting, psychological operations and analysis to be used to develop Target Intelligence Packets (TIPs), all targeting violent extremist’s networks and like-minded fundamentalists in Central, and Southern Iraq.
? Conducted over 40 missions that led to the Kill/Capture of 75 High Value Individuals (HVI).
? Conducted numerous source interviews/meetings.
? Deployed to Iraq in 2007-2008 for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Trained over 300 Iraqi Emergency Response Unit Commandos (ERU) in Small Unit Tactics, Urban Warfare, and Site Sensitive Exploitation.
? Trained and assisted numerous soldiers within the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) in Intelligence and Low Level Source Operations (LLSO).
? Attended 2 Joint Combined Exchange Training Events (JCET) in Thailand and instructed numerous Thai Special Forces Soldiers and Royal Air Force Commandos in Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Patrolling, and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) drills.
? Deployed to Afghanistan in 2002-2003 for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). Trained over 200 soldiers from the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) in Small Unit Tactics, Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Patrolling, and Civil Affairs Operations. Conducted numerous Med Caps, Raids, and built rapport with numerous villages that did not have a coalition presence.
? Special Forces Operations and Intelligence course (18F) in Ft. Bragg, NC.
? ASO Level III, Ft Bragg, NC.
? Force Protection Level II, Ft. Bragg, NC and Camp Dawson, WV
? Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, Ft Carson, CO and Ft Campbell, KY

US Army Special Forces (SF) 10th Special Forces Group, Ft. Carson CO (1998-2002)
Senior Communications Sergeant (18E), Operational Detachment A (Special Forces A Team) 1082

• Participated in numerous Joint Combined Exchange Training Events (JCET).
• Cross Trained in Medical, Demolitions, and Weapons.
• Trained detachment members in all organic ODA communication systems.
• Foreign Language Certification in Albanian (1+/1+/1+ Defense Language Proficiency Test).

• Selected to attend theater classified intelligence meetings.
• Chosen for personal security detachments on aerial/overland routes for visiting military and diplomatic officials.
• Led several demanding 5000ft climbs resulting in successful communications and visual surveillance missions.
• Conducted many meetings with Guerilla Force leaders that led to the Demobilization of Muslim Guerrilla Forces (UCK) and (UCBMP).
• Conducted Low Level Source Operations (LLSO).

John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Training Center, Ft. Bragg NC (1998)
Certification as Special Forces Communications Sergeant (18E),
• Nine month course study in advanced special operations warfare and communications.
• SF surveillance and source management course – Jarvis Intelligence Solutions with the Gryphon Group.
• SF small unit tactics/combat search and rescue, and special reconnaissance.
• SF unconventional warfare course and guerilla operations.
• Foreign Language Certification in Polish (1+/1+/1+ Defense Language Proficiency Test).
• Advance Communications certifications – Advance International Morse Code

• Bronze Star (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
• Army Commendation Medal (6)
• Army Achievement Medal (3)
• Army Good Conduct Ribbon (4)

• Microsoft Office Suite.
• Numerous satellite communication/digital photo, video, and data systems.
• Fast Rope Infiltration/Exfiltration (FRIES) master.
• ATV/Snowmobile driving instructor.
• Current Interim TS/SCI clearance in support of duty position of Operations and Intelligence NCO on SFODA.
• Pursuing Bachelors degree in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Studies (possess 100+ credit hours).

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