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Junior-Level GEOINT Imagery Analyst, TS/SCI, $80K, Iraq

Title: Junior-Level GEOINT Imagery Analyst After 2 years experience of doing this in uniform get paid double what you were making as an E5 to wear permethrin doused 5.11’s and skip Mefloquine Monday’s to hop on a 767 out of BWI and hit the bar scene in IZ..  pull up bars, Hoohah bars at the back of the AHA from ’01, local welded bar bells from ’04, USO Juice bars, and rare MISO butter bars.. Salary: $80,000($100k if over 330 days: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/foreign-earned-income-exclusion-physical-presence-test) Work Location:  Iraq Minimum Required Qualifications […]

Mid-Level GEOINT Imagery Analyst, TS/SCI, $100K, IRAQ

Job Title:  Mid-Level GEOINT Imagery Analyst Know you are winning Version 17 of Iraq one AOI or one NAI at a time..  Close the deal by letting your GS-11 review and revise to ensure non of the info or work is yours.. Salary: $100,000 (*$125k if over 330 days: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/foreign-earned-income-exclusion-physical-presence-test) Work Location: Iraq Clearance – Active TS/SCI  Minimum Required Qualifications • Education – Associates Degree OR four years of relevant experience in Intelligence Operations OR equivalent experience  • […]

Imagery Analysts needed, $60-80K+ TS/SCI, Fort Bragg

No magnifiers needed, zoom in on that 12mb CADR imagery from ’03 and simply know you have the ’02 Camry the whole TF is looking for..  (Hypothetical) If your cubemate gets up to re-up on the Keurig, without holstering the CaC card or hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del.. Show them some good OPSEC and move their polygons and NAIs around for briefing at the CUB..  Then, win the Merit and Ethics Badge by self reporting to the SSO that you used someone else’s system in a novel ploy to enforce OPSEC.. While said SSO’s face melts, proverbially, get ready to earn Contractor of […]

Imagery Analyst; TS/ SCI; $80K+; Ft Bragg, NC

Location: FT Bragg, NC Salary: $80K+ ($97K Wash DC equivalent) Start date: Approx  March 2018 Period of performance: 1 yr+ 2 option General Qualifications of Personnel: A typical successful candidate should have the following attributes: Operate basic computer applications such as Microsoft Office. Possess strong demonstrated briefing skills. Must be capable of multi-tasking in a high stress, time sensitive environment. With all labor categories, previous experience in the SOF community relevant to the specific labor category is highly desirable. Job Description: Imagery […]