Hurry, taking 8 GEOINTers NOW : Level A, B FMV Imagery Analyst, TS/SCI

Working Job Title 2x Level A FMV Imagery Analyst Salary: You can request more , just ask..$69,000 Level A $73,000 Level B with benefits (plus uplifts of 25-70% if/when you travel) Washington DC equivalent of $100K for Level A and $108K Level B Experience: Minimum of 3 years of hands on experience   General Qualifications of Personnel: Highly proficient in using basic computer applications such as Microsoft Office Must possess strong demonstrated briefing and typing skills and be capable of multi-tasking in a high stress, time sensitive environment. Proficient is […]

Mid Lvl IMINT FMV Coll. Req. Mgr. TS/SCI, 85K +($4500 BONUS), AFG

Job Title: Mid- Lvl IMINT Full Motion Video (IMINT/FMV) Collection Requirements Manager Grab your MLB glasses from Best Buy or Newegg and get down on some CADRG.. Make sure to wear the nitrile gloves when working with FalconView, it gets dusty.. If you switch between networks on the KVM make sure its not while Coliseum is open or you get the blue screen.. Salary: $85k ( 106k if over 330 days ) 120 Day Bonus of $4500 to new hires Details: The employee must start CRC no later […]

Mid- Lvl IMINT Full Motion Video (IMINT/FMV) Collection Requirements Manager, TS/SCI, $85K +(BONUS), AFG

Job Title: Mid- Level IMINT Full Motion Video (IMINT/FMV) Collection Requirements Manager Throw on your MLG Glasses, put a towel in the chair, bring 2 chilled Rip-Its, Turn the Lights down low, throw the screen protector on, and bring your face about 6 inches from the screen..  If you are accustomed to doing this not once, twice, but at least three times a day and feel no shame.. Grab your SF312 and a Visa and get ready for Quality Computer time at least 10X a day..  watch and evaluate every pixel as your short term memory stacks up with image […]