ft bragg ts/sci job

Digital Media Exploit Forensic Examiner, SMU Command, Bragg, Great Pay, TS/SCI

Get CEXC with it..

Imagery Analysts needed, $60-80K+ TS/SCI, Fort Bragg

No magnifiers needed, zoom in on that 12mb CADR imagery from ’03 and simply know you have the ’02 Camry the whole TF is looking for..  (Hypothetical) If your cubemate gets up to re-up on the Keurig, without holstering the CaC card or hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del.. Show them some good OPSEC and move their polygons and NAIs around for briefing at the CUB..  Then, win the Merit and Ethics Badge by self reporting to the SSO that you used someone else’s system in a novel ploy to enforce OPSEC.. While said SSO’s face melts, proverbially, get ready to earn Contractor of […]

SOF Business Expert (Sig Redux), TS/SCI, $80K+, Bragg

Start Date: Immediate Clearance TS/SCI PoP: 18 months Salary: $80-85 ($97-104K Wash DC equivalent) Job Description Business Analyst Expert Support The contractor will provide business analysis and develop proposals to support organizational requirements and provide support for developing, managing, and employing signature reduction plans, business plans, and mechanisms relevant to organizational requirements. The contractor shall act as advisor for the implementation of signature reduction plans into overall mission planning, with an understanding of how commercial business […]