__For Hire: 15yr+ SOF HUMINTer, TS/SCI/CI Poly, Russian, M.A. Psych

Clearance: TS/SCI/CI POLY Date of Clearance Adjudication: November 20, 2017 Availability: May 15, 2018 – May 15, 2028 Disability: Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: 90 Current Passport: 50959xxxx Expiration Date – August 21, 2023 Language: Russian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Desired Location: Stateside – Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Overseas – Highlight Write Up: Former Special Forces Intelligence Collector skilled at directing teams of operators and analysts in providing critical intelligence data […]

Senior Security Manager, TS/SCI, AT/FT, Strat Planner, M.A.

Clearance: TS/SCI Date of Clearance Adjudication: January 01, 2016 Availability: October 17, 2017 – January 1, 2030 Disability: None Current Passport: Yes Expiration Date – 05/27/2020 Language: English – Speaking: Native, Reading: Native, Writing: Native Spanish – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Arabic – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Desired Location: Stateside – District of Columbia, Florida, Overseas – Afghanistan, Bahrain, Germany, Highlight Write Up: Combat deployment tested Senior Navy leader with strong background in law […]

20+ yrs, JTF Sen Analyst/Project/Action Officer, TS/SCI, WMD, FMS, POLMIL, IT, BS

  DOD Top Secret (Adjudicated Oct 2016)/SCI/JWICS SENIOR ANALYST/PROJECT/ACTION OFFICER-MANAGEMENT/LEADER, ISR, ANTITERRORISM/FORCE PROTECTION, LOGISTICS, POLITICAL MILITARY (POLMIL), WMD/FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS) ANALYST, PARTNER NATION BUILDING, COMMUNICATIONS (ITIL), INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS   USAF retired (20 years), 12 years Defense Contractor with over 32 years experience advising, supporting/deploying for operations with Combatant Commands (COCOMs), Geographic Combatant Commanders (GCCs), Joint Task Forces (JTFs), Special Operations Joint Task Forces (SOJTFs) and Joint […]

14 yr, SOF MI SME, TS/SCI, J2X, PR, SOCCENT SA, SMU Support, M3, MA in SI,

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Military planner with (14+) years of experience conducting and supporting joint military and USG operations. A seasoned performer in strategic, operational, and tactical environments. Able to work as a leader, team-member, or individually. At ease in stable or volatile environments, under low or high supervisory constraints. In-depth knowledge of conventional forces operations, cyber and information operations, anti-terrorism, force-protection, counter terrorism, counterinsurgency, unconventional and irregular warfare, joint special operations (SMU/TF), interagency […]

Special Forces Detachment Commander, CENTCOM Intel Officer, Company Commander, Business Development, TS/SCI, Arabic, German, CI, HUMINT, NATO Liaison, Physician Assistant, Master’s Disaster Management

Clearance: TS/SCI Date of Clearance Adjudication: may 2012 Availability: October 18, 2012 – October 10, 2013 Disability: None Current Passport: Passport Expiration Date – may 2021 Language: Arabic – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Intermediate German – Speaking: Intermediate, Reading: Basic, Writing: Intermediate Italian – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Desired Location: Stateside – Florida, Overseas – Egypt, Israel, Italy, Highlight Write Up: Multi experienced in SOF, INTEL/CI, Medicine, Business Delopment and languages. […]

CIED/ASO/SR SME, Military Advisor, Training Supervisor, 19 Years Special Forces, Medical/Intel Sergeant/Trainer, TS/SCI Eligible, ASOT II, Surveillance, USAJFKSWCS, ODA Operations Sergeant

Clearance: TS/Eligible for SCI Availability: February 25, 2012 – End Disability: None Language: French – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic Desired Location: Stateside – Overseas- Afghanistan, Albania, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, […]

SEAL, TS/SCI/CI Poly, Surveillance, Level II

Prior to joining Booz Allen Hamilton, I had over nine years of progressive and challenging experience as a Naval Special Warfare (NSW) leader with continuous training, increasing leadership and management experience in high stress environments, including combat experience and training foreign special operations forces. I am a highly motivated and dedicated professional and leader focused on success. I am an energetic self-starter with proven experience and extensive knowledge of the full spectrum of operational and tactical special operations, staff, and consulting skills. I have current Top Secret […]