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Togo Maritime Maintenance and Logistics Advisor, $125K, 2/2 French

Location: Togo, Africa


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Job Summary

In more detail, the following specific actions relating to The Togolese Navy are required:

Provide maintenance and logistics support services as well as comply with all data, monitoring, and evaluation support.
Embed and support the Togolese Navy’s efforts, in coordination with the Office of Security Cooperation (OSC), to develop and implement a maintenance plan, focused primarily on the defender boats and any associated trailers. Repair and upkeep Defender boats by instituting a repeatable inspection program to document parts and materials required to bring the boats to full operational capability. Procure necessary supplies, tools and materials to support daily operations. Create a supply inventory list and proper storage procedures. Provide Small Boat Operations Training containing both seamanship and maintenance aspects

Qualifications and Skills
 Five (5) years of hands-on experience in operations and maintenance of Defender and Shark Boat watercraft required.
 Five (5) years of experience repairing and maintaining inboard and/or outboard engines required.
 Two (2) years’ experience developing and/or delivering training modules required.
 Two (2) years working in Sub-Saharan Africa or a post-conflict region required.
 Speaks and writes French at an intermediate level (2-2).

 Full-time Employee (not rotational); contract duration is through 2023
 Workweek: 48-hours per week, when locals work and may include working on traditional days-off.  
 Base pay plus all allowable State Department uplifts for Post Differential, Danger Pay, and COLA. 
 Short- and Long-term Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, CONUS Health Insurance, 401k Plan, and Tricare Supplement.
 PTO/Holidays: 30 days of Paid Time off per year. Client provides 10-days of floating Holiday Leave (either U.S. or Local Holidays).

Company provided
 Secure, furnished housing
 Car/driver
 Laptop with high-speed internet service (with dongle)
 Local cell phone
 SAT phone with pre-paid minutes to use in case of emergencies. 
 First Aid kit
 Deployment, redeployment, and official travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the Joint Federal Travel Reg.  Pre-deployment medical screening, shots, Visas, and any work permits will also be covered.

Apply here and or submit resume addressing all in red (all) and submit to Maria at frontdesk@beyondsof.com Titled “Togo Mechanic”