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TS/SCI CI POLY, Service Disabled, SIGINT SME, Tactical Operations Instructor, Recon Marine, SERE, HRST, Airborne


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
October 18, 2011

May 01, 2013 – End

Yes (Service Connected) – Percentage: N/A

Current Passport:
Expiration Date – Expiration date

Language – Speaking: Basic, Reading: Basic, Writing: Basic

Desired Location:

Highlight Write Up:
-Active TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance with C.I. Poly
-Currently serving as a Tactical Operations Instructor – SIGINT SME.
-United States Special Operations Reconnaissance Marine.
-Completed clandestine special intelligence operations in 13 countries.
-Constructed multiple intelligence products and target packages via tactically enquired SIGINT, IMINT, and HUMINT, and utilization of IC networking and production programs.
-Experienced in national level collection, production, tasking, and dissemination.
-Acted as signals intelligence analyst to tactical intelligence control element in Afghanistan.
-Served as Assistant Team Leader, Communications Operator, and Intelligence Analyst/Operator.
-Proven strong leadership skills and technical abilities throughout four overseas deployments in support of OEF/OIF efforts as a contractor and special operations team member.
-Trained military and government personnel in the utilization and employment of intelligence tradecraft.

Geo Location:
Afghanistan – Duration: 18 months
Asian Pacific – Duration: 19 months
Middle East – Duration: 6 months
– Duration: 1-4 weeks
– Duration: 1-4 weeks

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position – 14
February 2012 to Present, U.S. Army INSCOM, Afghanistan
Technical Trainer / Tactical SIGINT Operations and Equipment SME
-Responsible for training and certifying DOD, SOF, and OGA personnel on LLVI and STG equipment/operations in Afghanistan.
-Instruct over 20 SIGINT systems and provide multiple NSA derived theatre level certifications.
-Responsible for equipping, trouble-shooting, and op-checking LLVI and STG equipment for U.S operational teams in country.
-Assist with any instillation and maintenance for INSCOM SIGINT systems in RC-South.

Number of months in position – 4
Harding Security Associates, Six3 Systems
October 2011 to February 2012, CJTF-1, Afghanistan
Tactical Ground SIGINT Specialist
-Working knowledge of military operations, target‐area geography, place names, personal names, titles, and culture, as well as relevant enemy objectives, tactics, techniques and procedures.
-Experienced in Army/Joint SIGINT procedures, data processing systems, and associated SIGINT databases/search engines, and production materials.
-Conducts support to ground collection operations, SIGINT operations coordination, synchronization, and support the timely, relevant, and accurate dissemination of signals intelligence.
-Enable the commander and subordinate unit commanders the ability to understand their battle space and enemy forces, provide indications and warnings, and action off of analyzed intelligence.

Number of months in position – 64
United States Marine Corps
November 2008 to June 2009, 1st Radio Reconnaissance Platoon, Camp Pendleton, CA
Special Reconnaissance / Signals Intelligence Instructor
-SME of advanced intelligence and reconnaissance techniques, collection and dissemination of sensitive material, recruiting, training, and equipping friendly forces.
-Instructed RF theory, SIGINT procedures, electronic warfare, and the use of highly classified Signals intelligence devices and programs.
-SME of advanced levels of amphibious, land, and airborne SIGINT techniques, assaults/withdraws, medical aid, survival, and recovery operations/I&W through STG and LLVI assets.
-Instructed tactical employment and operation of classified SIGINT equipment in hostile environments.
-Mastery of reconnaissance and surveillance, identifying and reporting sensitive targets, and operating and maintaining sophisticated communications with continuous operations of intelligence equipment.

May 2005 to November 2008, 1st Radio Battalion, Radio Reconnaissance Team, Camp Pendleton, CA
Special Operations Team Member
Radio Reconnaissance Team
-Employed as unconventional covert and overt special missions operator during combat operations as a member of an elite Signal intelligence collection and utilization unit.
-Served as Assistant Team Leader, Signals Analyst/Intelligence Liaison, and Radio Operator, and Team Medic while performing clandestine SIGINT operations overseas.
-Experienced in the execution of offensive raids, demolitions, reconnaissance and surveillance, search and rescue/STG, personnel security detail/executive protection (PSD), indications and warnings, multi-service/unit interrogation, and control utilization of supporting elements.
-Developed a mastery of clandestine communication skills in multiple geographic environments.
-Collected and analyzed multiple forms of classified intelligence, with timely and accurate sanitization and dissemination to adjacent units.
-Operated multiple classified military intelligence systems, while utilizing the entire radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Interrogating all available forms of communication equipment, F.E.A. Systems, and various interception and encryption methods.


Skills Write Up:

-Avalanche Survival and Recovery Course, January 2009, American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education, Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, CA, AIARE Level 1
-Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course, July 2006, Special Operations Training Group Pacific, Camp Hansen, Okinawa Japan, Greens and Black Courses Completed
-SF-10a Parachute Transition Course, April 2006, Camp Pendleton, CA, Static Line SF-10 Airborne Qualified
-Advanced Digital Receiver Technologies Course, January 2006, 1st Radio BN, Camp Pendleton, CA, D.R.T. Operator Qualified


-Subject matter expert on all US Army and USMC tactical Signals Intelligence systems to include AOR 8200, WolfHound, PRD-13, DRT 1100 – 1300 series (including Alaska, DRTview, AirHammer, and DF 90, 100, and 20C), XR2000, KingFish, StingRay, Amberjack, BlackFin I & II, LoggerHead, Typhon, Cyclone, Maximus-G, Maximus-GP, Artemis, Gjaller, Growler, Jugular, Quasimodo, HEAT, HEAT-R, Gossamer, Cellebrite – UFED, Celltech COM-1, CyberHawk, Blind Date, HIDRAH (V2 and V3), ISIS II and III, Tetley, Sagem 200/400/700 series, PilotHouse, NEMO Handy, AcrGIS, TIGR, Analyst Notebook, TowerPower, DCGS-A, and JEWLS.
-Subject matter expert on Radiant Blue ROVER and its integration with several SIGINT systems such as DRT, ISIS II and III, Tetley and Sagem.
-Subject matter expert in RF and Modern Cellular Theory. As well as man-packable jamming systems.

Education Write Up:

Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, CA
Mountain Leaders Course/Military Ski Instructor
-Able to instruct/advise/and lead military operations in extreme mountainous environments. Expert in mountainous terrain navigation, and over snow mobility. Avalanche level 1 Qualified (AIARE).

1st Marine Division School H.R.S.T. Masters, Camp Pendleton, CA
Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques Masters Course (H.R.S.T.)
-Demonstrate and instruct multiple forms of tower and air frame capabilities, rigging, execution, and malfunctions during high risk insert and extract operations. Mastery of multi troop inspections, and execution of Fast roping, repelling, S.P.I.E. and Casting.

Special Operations Training Group III MEF, Camp Hansen, Okinawa Japan
Urban Reconnaissance & Surveillance Course (R&S)
-S.M.E on convert (black/green side) operations on foreign soil. To include insert, movement, masking, marking, communication, weapons employment tactics, and extract.

U.S. Fleet Aviation Specialized Operations Pacific, North Island NAS, CA
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape. (S.E.R.E.)
-Able to survive in hostile environments by having an extensive knowledge of combat readiness skills; knowledge of all codes of conduct, and maintain physical and psychological health under extreme duress. Use of survival medicine and materials, performance of evasion and escape, signaling and recovery procedures, and navigation.

Army Infantry School, Airborne, Ft. Benning, GA
Army Airborne Infantry /Military Parachutist
-Skilled tactical employment of parachuting operations as combat insertion.

United States Marine Corp Atlantic Training Group, Virginia Beach, VA
Amphibious Reconnaissance School (MOS 0321)
-Provide Amphibious, long range, small unit ground reconnaissance raid skill support to MAGTF. Possess fine tuned scouting and patrolling skills, helo-born/submarine tactics, scout swimming, small boat operations, close combat skills, assault climbing, demolitions, and forward observing with supporting arms. Trained in basic Marine Special Operations Tactics.

United States Marine Corps, Center of Naval Cryptology, Pensacola, FL
Signals Intelligence Analyst Course (MOS 2621/CTR)
-Provide intelligence (COMINT/SIGINT/ELINT) interception of digital and analog communications, use of MARTES Software, understand and operate multiple forms of classified collections and analytic devises.