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TS/SCI/CI POLY, Principal HUMINT SME, CT Analyst, Intel OPS, AF/PAK Intel Analyst, Native Urdu, B.S.


Date of Clearance Adjudication:
Janaury 17, 2014

Janaury 17, 2014 – Janaury 06, 2018


Current Passport:
Expiration Date – Janaury 01, 2017

URDU – Speaking: Native, Reading: Native, Writing: Native

Desired Location:
Stateside – District of Columbia, Virginia,

Highlight Write Up:
I am currently a Principal Counter Terrorism Analyst (Lab Cat: Expert//GS-13). In addition I am also the Team Lead for my Team of 20 Analysts and the Site Lead-Project Manager for my current company. I have been recently awarded two NCTC Director’s Awards for my workmanship and dedication to the collective mission.

My expertise and support has been close to ten years now in the IC working under many customers such as: NCS, NCTC, NRO, DoS, DS, NGA, CENTCOM, SOCOM and others. My forte is in HUMINT Analysis, Intel OPS, Counter Terrorism/ Intelligence and Counter Surveillance. In addition, I am a ILR Tested- (Level 5) Native Urdu Speaker/AF/PAK SME.

I am confident my expertise with my current customer, CIA-CTC-NCTC among others can surely enhance the mission at hand with many SOF, DoD, IC or National Intelligence Programs.

Geo Location:
pakistan – Duration: 6 months

Position Write Up:
Number of months in position
Serves as a Principal Deputy Counter Terrorism Intelligence Analyst, NCTC, National Counter Terrorism Center, Virginia, supporting Directorate of Terrorist Identities. Responsible for:
– Utilizes multiple classified databases and search methods to conduct CT assessments and extensive HUMINT analysis on subjects
– Tailor Central Intelligence analytic products to meet the needs of both analytic and operational partners across the counterterrorism (CT) community, liaise with other NCTC divisions and government agencies.
– Provided intelligence support to target development of over 150 Tier I and Tier II High Value Targets; resulted in the capture of JSOC/SOCOM Command HVT Targets
– Acted as the initial focal point for Special Operations Command support teams within NCTC.
– A conduit Liaison with SOST, Special Operations Support Team in accordance to HVT and imminent threats
– Sets policy guidance and operational planning with SOST and SOCOM elements supporting TIDE functions and capabilities
– Presented briefings and TIDE capability brown bags to SOCOM Cols and SOST counter parts within NCTC
– Embedded NCTC DTI team manager with JSOC LNOs on HVT and surfacing information on raw intel using the F3EAD intel cy-cle
– Supported ad-hoc and direct action protocols with SOCOM/CENTCOM in support of high priority subjects with imminent threat to the US
– Rendered all raw HUMINT data on potential and suspected terrorist supporting SOCOM actions and High Value Detainee De-briefings
– Correlated with DIA and SOF elements on Detainee scrubs and Iraqi Prisoner initiatives in accordance to SOF and SOCOM rules and regulations.
– Applied cultural and regional guidance to SOF elements and operators deploying to AF/PAK AOR
– Acts as a Subject Matter Expert, SME on Pakistan regional and cultural nuances, naming guidance and demographic expertise to deployed units supporting the CT/CI battle space
– Embedded with special teams under SOCOM and SWCC operations on discovered HUMINT and common raw intel in raids and arrests of HVT
– Exploited data sets, raw Intel, HUMINT on correlated information from SOF and Team 2 and 3 SWCC/SOCOM elements
– Directed support to teams to U.S. Divisions and the Joint Special Operations Task Force. Responsible for 400 Soldiers within five companies including 19 Human Intelligence Collection teams (HCT)
– Conducts Raw Analysis on Central Intelligence Reports and cables on Associates and Known Terrorists
– Maintains and enhances the USG’s authoritative database on known or suspected international terrorists, the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, TIDE.

Skills Write Up:
– 9+ Years Multi-INT Intelligence Analysis, Production/Collection/Dissemination of All Source Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism Situation Report Writing, Conducting Technical Counter-Measures and direct liaison support to SOCOM/ NRO/ NCTC/DOD/DS Counter-Intelligence Directorate/Agents/Assets and Officers around the world.

– 9+ Years of Operational Intelligence Experience Supporting the Intelligence Community as a Lead Intelligence Analyst, Operations Officer (SOO), Counter-Intelligence Operation Watch Officer, DSCC (Diplomatic Security Command Center) Counter-Intelligence/Terrorism Watch Team- Lead Member.

– Native Urdu Speaker, Scored as Native Speaker, Level 5 Voice Proficiency- ILR Alta Test. Born/lived in Karachi Pakistan, Deep Native Knowledge of Pakistani Culture, Religion, Idioms, Verbiage, Demographics, History and Political Agendas in Provinces, Regions and Tribal Areas of Pakistan.

– 9+ Years of Operations Program Leader and Team Manager, Specializing in all facets of Incident/Situational Reporting & Dissemination, F3EAD Cycle, Threat Assessments, and Situational Awareness on Pakistan, Afghanistan and South Asia Regions.

– Extensive Knowledge of History and Origin of Terrorist Groups and Wanted Terrorist Individuals.. i.e.: AQ, AIQ, AQAP, LT, JEM, TTP.

Education Write Up:
BS. GMU, School of Management

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